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Anxiety comes with fear and uncertainty that can lead to panic attacks and the feeling that you have lost control. There can be a genetic link and it may even be on a subconscious level. How to give the right anxiety treatment depends on the response that you have when you are under anxiety. The severity of a person’s anxiety and how much it is affecting their life will both have an affect on the anxiety treatment that is utilized.

There are two types of anxiety attacks either chronic or acute. When the attack is acute it can last for just a few minutes or for a couple of hours. The panic or feeling of terror that is experienced does not have a rational cause and you can not associate it with rational thought. It makes it difficult to find the right anxiety treatment without finding the cause of your anxiety and recognizing the symptoms that are associated with anxiety.

The symptoms that come with anxiety include dizziness, nausea, hyperventilation, and even chest pains. How to give the right anxiety treatment is largely dependant upon the symptoms. Other symptoms include cold sweats, irregular heartbeats and hand tremors. These symptoms make how to give the right anxiety treatment more difficult since the severity and side effects of the symptoms will have an affect on the correct treatment for you.

There can be stiffness in the muscles of the extremities which can even involve tingling. Losing touch with reality can cause those suffering to experience hyperventilation which makes the attacks worse. In more severe cases the one experiencing the anxiety attack can lose consciousness and even be at risk of losing their life.

The symptoms of chronic anxiety last longer though they may be less severe. Fatigue and insomnia can go along with the anxiety which can make the symptoms all the more difficult to live with. You will need to see a doctor to make sure that it is in fact anxiety and not a more serious condition; this way you can have a better idea of the correct treatment for you.

Naturopathy is one treatment for anxiety which does not require a medical prescription. It is a way of changing what you take in and what you do. The change has to be complete in order to make a change in your life and make the symptoms better. You don’t want to simply mask the symptoms of anxiety but you want to make the cause of the anxiety go away.

Aromatherapy is ancient method of healing that can be rather effective at treating anxiety. The essential oils help the body to return to its normal balance. The relaxation that the scents induce will let the mind regain control over the emotions that you are feeling. It is incredible for a wide range of problems and can be combined with other anxiety treatments. Massage therapy can incorporate aromatherapy as long as the essential oils used are diluted. The use of aromatic oils can reduce the feelings of anxiety and panic that a person is experiencing. Liquid extracts can have an effect that is long lasting when it comes to finding a solution to your anxiety.

How to give the right anxiety treatment will have a lot to do with the individual suffering from the anxiety attacks. Herbs are known for their positive effects on the systems of the body. The correct amount of herbal medication has to be determined through trial and error. The digestive system of the person being treated will have a lot to do with whether or not herbs are effective for them. Liquid extracts from herbs will be digested faster than regular herbs which will allow results to appear faster.

How to give the right anxiety treatment will also be largely dependant on the person that is experiencing the symptoms of anxiety.

By: Ronen David

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Ronen David is the chairman of “Malam” (an Israeli organization supporting and representing those dealing with mental disabilities). He is the author of the “The Coping With Psychosis & Schizophrenia Self Help Handbook”.
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