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An anxiety panic attack is known as a panic attack that is brought on due to unnatural levels of anxiety. This kind of anxiety can be related to just about anything. Anxiety panic attacks are not just limited to big stressful events and occasions. You can have anxiety over someone you love, a event, and we can even have an anxiety panic attack over what clothes to wear. One of the main features of an

anxiety panic attack is the focus of the attack.

During the very first panic attack, the shock of having one can leave a very lasting experience on the person. In fact, it can be so traumatizing that the person will associate the panic attack with the activity or place and start to AVOID that situation. Needless to say, panic attack never does go away and the person continue to re-live the experience again and again.

Panic attack is perhaps one of the most frightening experiences a person can go through. During a panic attack, the body reacts in a way similar to a “fight or flight” response. Your legs may shake as they are prepared for running; your hands may shake as the large muscles of your arms are prepared to fight. Your palms and feet may become sweaty to give you better grip.

The first and most effective method that will help you during panic attacks is to control your breathing. Although it can be difficult at times (with the amount of fearful thoughts flooding you), its still can be done, with some determination on your part. Although you may feel very short of breath during a panic attack, your actually VERY FAR from lack of oxygen. In fact, most sufferers are unaware that they are breathing too much!

Most doctors will readily prescribe SSRIs, benzodiazepines and other medications that make up anxiety attack panic treatment even with side effects and high cost (in the long run) involved for following reasons. Medications appeals to both doctors and patients alike. It does a fine job of suppressing symptoms quickly and many patients are under the impression that the only solution to their problem is medications.

Standardized Herbal Supplements

In line with its natural constituents, the body easily adapts to the active compounds of herbal remedies and therefore promotes healing without ensuing negative physiological consequences. Today, herbalists have come up with standardized herbal supplements for anxiety and panic attacks, such as PureCalm, which have been formulated from the expert combination of lemon balm, lavender, and passion flower extracts, and prepared in a concentrated tincture format to holistically promote the routine functions of a healthy nervous system.

Know that panic attack cannot harm you. Despite all the painful sensation and feeling of death that you have to go through during panic attack, know that they cannot harm you. Eventually, the panic attack will go away and nothing will happen to you – no heart attack, no fainting and no dieing. This is the key to get rid of panic attacks. Know that panic attack cannot harm you, assure yourself that it cannot harm you and you have nothing to fear.

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