Responsibility for your life is something that we never lose but from what often refuse. You can give management and control, but the responsibility – never. Full and absolute responsibility for the outcome of your life is on you and only you … not your parents, not your boss, and your former partner and not on your own society, and not on God and on anyone ever yet. You can blame anyone else but you alone will experience (or endure) the results.

Sometimes I get feedback from people whose thoughts revolve around that which they do not want. They vigorously argue that the focus on their desires, and ask why are not visible manifestations of their goals. Then they explain all the causes that they believe pose many problems.

If I wrote a template for such letters, it would have something looked like the following:

- I do not understand …

- I’m disappointed that …

- I hate my …

- I cannot understand …

- I was upset …

- I am worried …

- I should have … but I can not …

- Why am I in trouble?

It looks like a list of intentions, is not it? Naturally, this is exactly what shows people. However, there is no one more detail – namely, that man is not accepted responsibility for these results.

Law of attraction gives you what you think. Think is to ask. Every thought is the intention. Law of Attraction is completely neutral – it does not filter what you are asking. If you think about what you want, then get it. If you think about what you do not want that, too, get it.

If you want to demonstrate your desire, it makes no sense to write statements similar to the above pattern. Even if your desires have not manifested, continue to hope and be optimistic. Add the positive intent and let the law of attraction work for you. Stay in the moment. Watch for successful circumstances. If you begin to chafe or become disaffected, walk, or meditate to nip it in the bud. Otherwise, you’ll cross your desires and will strive to reverse.

The key to mastering the Law of Attraction is the responsibility. You must take personal responsibility for everything that happens in your life. I mean it all. If you accept this, then you demonstrate it. Everything that you pay attention will be expanded.

How do I learn not to think about what I want? Take responsibility for bringing this on yourself. This raises your consciousness and you have more opportunities to use the Law of Attraction to get what you want.

Let’s say I walk with the children, and they indulge in, and generally misbehave. They fight with each other and annoy me. Later I have to agree with the fact that I brought this situation by my thoughts. I unconsciously aspired to it. Perhaps when we were leaving, I remembered a previous unpleasant walk. Maybe, I noticed the first signs of conflict and began to worry that it might grow up. If I was just thinking about it, I activated the law of attraction.

Imagine that we have the correct attitude of our minds to reality, and this attitude affects everything we do, fill us with such vigor and sense of power that every thought of our weakness instantly disappears. But if it still appears, ask yourself: “Does weakness inherent to life?” – If life is not weak, and God is not faint-hearted, then you’re not weak, never so have not been and never will. I’d like to see a weak and cowardly thought, capable to withstand the mind tuned in such a way.

No! Life is strong and you are full of infinite power. Forget about everything else, when you get drunk with joy of understanding that power. You are strong and have the right to say: “I live.” Previously, you labored under a delusion, now you got rid of any misconceptions. Now you know the truth, and knowledge is the ability of the creative use of the law. “I and my Father are Single” – a source of strength to the weakened and the source of life for all who believe. So we can develop a force which lead to us that it will become irresistible. Nothing can prevent the pursuit of something to a person who knows that he uses the same Power that creates everything out of himself, all driven from within themselves and in this case supports the established order of things. “I am one with infinite intelligence.” Repeat the gospel every day many times, until you rise to such spiritual heights that, though, will begin to see.

To be sure that we create the right spiritual atmosphere and attracts so exactly what we want, we must first follow our thoughts, otherwise we generate a something, which does not wish to see in reality. In other words, we must think only about what we would like to try or to have. Everything is mind and the mind creates for people only what they think. Nothing ever happens by accident. Law rules the life and all the people walk under it. But this law, as far as it concerns us, is driven by us the same power of our thoughts.

Each individual lives in his own created world, and it should say and think only about what he wants to see realized in his life. We must not think, do not say, do not to read or listen to even the corner of the ear about any limitations of human capabilities. It does not happen in our world so that we can think about various things, and get the same result. This is absolutely impossible, and the sooner we understand this, the sooner we reach our goal. Of course, this does not mean that we should be afraid to think in general, in order not to create false images. We have only to remember that the way of thinking of most people can only lead to failure, and that is why so few people succeed in life.

Striving to succeed people will never allow their mind to dwell too long on past mistakes. They are inclined to forgive themselves and others. If they make a mistake, then immediately try to forget about it. They know that while they sincerely want to benefit, there is nothing in the universe to resist it. God doesn’t curse anyone or anything; just a man curses everyone and everything.

God did not create anything, competing with others by his power. God knows that His word will immediately become a business. And if we have something of the divine nature, then we need to know about our life the same, that God is aware of his:

“I’m the master of my fate; I’m the captain of my soul.”

Have you ever dreamt of your own reality? I guess yes. Even more I think there is no man want to find some sort of Science of Getting Rich. You know, it is real to live in the way you want. You need to know as a man thinketh and learn how to attract right things. Visit this Law of attraction site to get more details on this.

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