Suffering from a mental health issue can be tormenting and you may be wondering how to eliminate Agoraphobia. This disorder can be disabling and solitary and you may dread leaving your own home. To treat Agoraphobia and improve your emotional health there are a number of things that you can do.
You need to prioritise your physical health as part of your plan to agoraphobia elimination. Your emotional wellbeing can be influenced by your dietary intake, sleeping patterns and physical activity.
Healthy Eating
This is not as easy as it sounds. You need to know what kinds of food will benefit your emotional and physical health to be able to start eating healthily This is how you can improve your diet:

• Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. If you are lacking water throughout the day, headaches, fatigue and irritability are likely.
• Eat Omega 3 fatty acids which can be found in tuna and fish products. Research has been encouraging in regards to Omega 3 and the promising effects it can have on mood and concentration.
• Anxiety can be increased by sugary drinks and food which should be limited.

Sleep better
If you have a tendency to feel anxious, then you may have sleep problems. You may have problems falling asleep, staying asleep or getting into a deep enough sleep and this leaves you feeling weary, lacking in concentration and feeling unrefreshed. Here’s how to improve your sleep patterns:
• Get up at the same time every morning
• Restrict caffeine and alcohol as they can contribute to insomnia and increase anxiety
• relax 30 minutes preceding to going to bed so that your body is prepared for rest time

Get physical

Physical activity improves energy levels, mood and overall wellbeing. Idleness can leave you feeling lethargic and lacking motivation. Here’s how to improve your physical activity levels:

• Aim for thirty minutes of exercise as often as you can.
• Make exercise enjoyable by doing activites you like such as gardening or walking.
• Physical activity should be included in your weekly planner

It is important to nourish your body to improve your emotional health and help you eliminate Agoraphobia. Now you know some tactics to improve your diet, sleep and physical activity levels you will be on your way to improving your anxiety. Follow this link to find ways to beat Agoraphobia.

How to Overcome Agoraphobia

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