RULE 1: Dare to dream

The first rule of Fortune is the one who is at risk usually wins. And the bigger the bet, the more dangerous indecisiveness. Most people recklessly choose their targets, ways and roles with minimal risk – and lose out.

TIP: wise Greeks portrayed the fortune with long bangs and shaved neck. This is an allusion to the fact that it is necessary to have time to grab it when it turned to face you. And if missed the point you should blame only yourself. Therefore take chances.

RULE 2: get round difficulties and do not waste your energy to overcome them

People who engage in windsurfing, knows how important to tune out the wind. Caught the flow of air – and it will take you to the target. But you have to adapt constantly, otherwise you risk to find yourself under a wave. To glide over the surface and keep your nose to the wind, you should be able to catch the signals of the outside world and avoid obstacles, rather than expend the energy to overcome them.

TIP: you have to listen to the inner voice as often as it possible. And do not program yourself to defeat. Imagine that you are a magnet, attracting a good luck.

RULE 3: Do not focus on your defeats

Lucky people do not dwell on their defeats, but always speak about even the smallest achievements with gusto. And they especially love to talk about how they were lucky. And the taxi driver drove them quickly and cheaply. And they buy the best costume for a penny on sale. And the son accidentally got a cash job. In general, all they are not like the others.

But it’s just the luck reciprocates to them – explains psychologist. – It always favors those who loves it and appreciates, feeling that lucky hero player. And this inner “desire to win” draws to us the strength, people, and circumstances conducive to success.

TIP: Always remember that just an open hand takes. It is necessary to “tighten your failure into a fist”, stick to it with the thoughts and emotions, and you like a magnet with a minus sign, will begin to attract only the misery and unhappiness. Experience shows that success is obtained not by the most intelligent people but by the most emotionally stable people, trusting in themselves people.

Comments of experts

Re-experience the euphoria of the spirit:

- Remember the three most striking cases when you are fortunate – easy, spontaneous, fast. Re-experience the wonderful moments of euphoric spirit. Drain with them and fill your body with this wonderful feeling of light joyful trembling. Each of your cell, every muscle is filled with the elixir of success during the each breath. Turn up this feeling a few times. Try to see the color of your luck and wrap yourself with this colorful cloud. And suggest to yourself that a good luck of the magnetic field, which will attract everything you require, is around you.

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