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Now that may seem like either an impossible goal or an unlikely outcome, but learning how to deal with panic attacks is doable, and in my view a real, viable way to go about ridding yourself of these terrible attacks, which can rip the very fabric of your life apart, keeping you seemingly hostage to fears and emotions that you feel as though are out of your sphere of control.

The conventional wisdom in dealing with these types of anxiety or panic disorders is to prescribe a treatment course of either powerful drugs , expensive therapy, or both. Neither course works very well very often, leaving you on the hook for continued use of these drugs and doctors, perhaps for very long periods of time. What the outcome of a course of treatment like this usually turns out to be is a combination of more panic and less cash. (Which can cause more panic!)

What’s worse, nobody is certain about the long-term effects of drugs like these, and who needs to roll those dice? Especially when there are alternate methods, none of which involve pharmaceuticals or a full dance card with a psychotherapist. There are more holistic approaches in treating panic attacks, that, when used consistently and with some thought, can not only give you better results, but in a lot shorter time frame and with far less money out of your pocket.

No one is denying that these panic attacks are real, and that they cause actual, physical symptoms that cannot be refuted. What I’m suggesting however, is that you need to look past what modern medicine and its paramour, the pharmaceutical industry, would have you choose to help you learn how to deal with panic attacks. They would have you on these drugs for the rest of your life if they could manage it, and you’d be no closer to being rid of your panic attacks than before.

No, you need to take hold of your own treatment, take responsibility for your own life and help chart your own course. There are many methods out there purporting to teach you you how to deal with panic attacks, but my favorite and one that has helped more than 100,000 people worldwide is by a gentleman named Joe Barry, and is called PanicAway. It helps you overcome panic attacks by counter attacking, and not taking this lying down. You can defeat panic attacks for good; you just need a road map. This is one that will get you there!

By: Keith Thompson

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For help in learning how to cope with panic attacks, make sure to visit us at, and start on the road to ridding yourself of panic attacks for good!

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