Each of the parents wants to see their child financially consistent in the future, have enough money to meet his needs and know how to earn money. Many people wonder how to build communication and how to teach good examples, so that the child will grow as open as possible to money and abundance. And such questions are not in vain, because the groundwork for wealthy thinking is laid in childhood.

Today, I want to share with you the secrets of instilling in children the right attitude toward money.

Listen to the desires of the child.

Recently, I witnessed a scene in the store. Grandmother and a boy of eight selected a toy. The boy really wanted to buy a robot transformer, with a rather angry look, but the grandmother insisted on buying something a little less aggressive. From the dialogue, I realized that the child committed the money to buy toys and, at the moment, the choice was what kind of toy to buy. The grandmother was very insistent, and eventually, the boy surrendered. Having lost all interest in the toys, the child left the store. Grandma made won.

This example shows how a child is forced upon someone else’s opinion and other people desires. Abusing the weak position of the child, over time, parents with some surprise and indignation expressed “… he is not interested in anything; he does not want anything ….” And how often when we are adults, we realize our children (not lived by us) wills, without realizing how much our parents’ actions have undermined our faith in ourselves and in life in general.

Be attentive to the wishes of the child!

At one stage of child development there is one problem in front of parents – it is a system how to link the child’s relationship to money in the formula of “how to earn money for the realization of his desires?”. It is useful to apply the monetary system to promote the child domestic labor, for example, cleaning the house or helping the mother in the kitchen. Encourage and motivate a good study and good behavior. It is also necessary to give pocket money. In this case, it is advisable not to influence the choice of the child when he is spending the earned money. The child itself should build a profitable relationship for him with money. Be sure the child will not waste his earned money.

People learn from mistakes.

Once again, I beg you not to protect the child from ill-considered purchases. Let him learn from mistakes. Allow your child to spend his money as he wants to.

I advise you to apply the method of “Together”. Admission is simple and genius: if a child wants to buy something which requires a sufficiently large amount of money, promise to buy it to him when he alone will be able to pay 20-50% of the cost of the purchase. This technique teaches children to do well thought-out purchase and focuses on work to achieve his goals.

Create a personal account of the child.

Create your personal account for your child. Now the child knows that every day his wealth increases. This is a very positive effect on cash child’s mind. Every day the confidence in the future is growing in him. Investments are needed to be small, about $ 10-100 per month. For 18 years it will be accumulated a considerable sum of money, so that the child will be able to pay for his education or start his own business.

Showing the example!

The main thing that should be remembered by every parent is the child literally absorbs what he sees in the family. Taking what he saw as absolute truth, the whole of his remaining life is based on behavioral patterns (examples) learned in childhood. The lion’s share of the behavioral patterns is at monetary relations within the family.

In order that the child has grown as free from negative attitudes and monetary units as it possible, it is necessary that the parents themselves were free of these beliefs. Be careful with your personally feel about the money, with your constructing of a system of relations with the money in your family, how the monetary disputes deal

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