Brains matter. Despite the negative stigma on the intelligent and “nerds”, society now understands that intelligence counts more than muscle power, especially in this day and age.

One statement of fact you cannot disprove is that the health of your brain is an important contributor to the quality of life you live as an individual. The significant role it plays in your daily routine, pursuits in life and as you age cannot be undermined. Your brain contributes largely to your achievements and the state of your well being physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, etc.

Here are few tips you can do to increase brainpower and develop your mind’s capability to absorb and process information faster:

Harness The Full Potential Of Your Brain

Use Vitamins – There are vitamins that help in increasing memory. For instance,Vitamin B and E help in maintaining the correct nutrient deficiency. You can get these vitamins from vegetables and milk. There are also some drugs that are been sold that helps in this cause.

Mind Games. Do some mind games like the free crossword puzzles found in newspapers. Word puzzles trigger word association and provoke you to think. Another popular puzzle is Sudoku, a number placement game that challenges your logic. Play board games and brain teasers or IQ tests to focus your mind and improve your concentration.

Brain Foods. Eat foods rich in omega-3s, which are best suited for brain function and renewal of brain cell membranes. Eggs are good, too. They contains choline, a fat-like Vitamin B which enhances memory and reaction time. Have an apple a day. Enjoy your beans. Drink milk. Lick some peanut butter. These are some foods that have low glycemic index, allowing for the better absorption of blood sugars to the brain, unlike the high glycemic sugars, such as those in sodas and junk foods, which can lead to sugar rush and mood swings. Avoid excessive alcohol drinking, fast food bingeing, and gigantic soda gulps. These contain chemicals that can interfere with your ability to learn, think, and remember.

Try any of these activities and boost your brainpower. Increase your mind’s capacity to absorb and process information faster. Recent studies have shown that brain training software can be effective in cognitive functions including visual and auditory processing, working memory, attention, and decision-making. The right kind of focused brain-training can stimulate new neural growth and brain plasticity. One such is the Brain Fitness Pro.

With its uniquely stimulating and carefully targeted mental exercise, 19 days of training with Brain Fitness Pro will increase your fluid intelligence by more than 40 percent and your working-memory by as much as 80 percent. The training protocol used in Brain Fitness Pro has been designed to demand focus and attention while simultaneously strengthening visual and aural working-memory.

Few Key Features

·Simultaneously trains working-memory and left-brain / right-brain multi-tasking.
·Low cost, unlimited personal use, free upgrades, and no recurring monthly fee.
·Training beyond 19 days just twice per week will produce continuing gains in working memory, concentration, problem-solving ability, and mental sharpness.

Leaving the health of your brain to chance is to be discouraged, this is one reason you need to train and exercise it in order to harness its true potentials and worth.

In short, if you are considering buying some of these new programs, for yourself, your patients, a loved one…you do need to do a bit of homework. Yes, it would be easier if there were more specific and categorical answers…but for the time being there aren’t, apart from the general guidelines to stay active physically and mentally, manage stress levels, have a balanced nutrition.

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