While going through Yahoo Answers a few days ago, I ran across a question that asked “How do you deal with a spouse who has depression and panic attacks?”  This is actually a pretty good question.  After all, it isn’t just the panic suffer who could use some self help.  The spouses and family is directly affected by what the panic sufferer goes through. 

Some suggestions that I made to the question poster were that they find a support group for the spouses of those who suffer from anxiety disorders.  This is important, especially for those who’s loved one suffers from severe panic attacks.  It is important for the panic sufferer that they have a loving support network, but it is just as important that the family has someplace to decompress and find those who can support them.

While in the office with the doctor or therapist, the spouse of the panic sufferer should ask for a referral to a support group.  The family members should also schedule some support time with the therapist also so they can express their feelings and not allow feeling of resentment build up and poison the relationship.

While panic attacks are not an easy thing to experience, they are not easy to live with either and it is important that all those affected get support.

If you would like to see my entire answer to the Yahoo Question, click here.

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