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There is an increasing trend for anxiety sufferers to choose herbs for anxiety treatment. Although herbs are obviously not strong enough for those whose conditions are more severe, they are still preferred by many as a milder and safer substitution for traditional medications. Amongst all the alternative ways for panic treatment, herbal medicines are quickly gaining popularity.

Herbs used in anxiety treatment are those which contain anti-anxiety properties. Some of the more well-known ones include:

1. Kava Kava

This plant comes from the Kava crops in the western pacific and is effective in delivering tranquillity. Although Kava Kava is not addictive, some researchers believe that it may cause violent allergic reactions in a very small number of patients.

2. Valerian Root

This herbal supplement is extracted from the Valerian flower plant. It is also as a powerful tranquillizer, and is commonly used to reduce symptoms involving insomnia and epilepsy. Valerian extract works rapidly, often in less than an hour, but it is also known to be mildly addictive.

3. St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is also known as Klamath weed or Goat weed. It is used for in anxiety treatment because it contains properties that are capable of combating depression. In some countries, St. John’s Wort is even more often prescribed than traditional medication in treating mild depression.

4. Others

There are more names to be covered, including passion flower, lemon balms, hops, chamomile, magnesium, B-complex, etc.

Herbs have been a hot topic in recent years. If you do some search on the net, you can find heaps of claimed herbal applications for almost all kinds of medical conditions. Some even claim that herbs are magic heals for cancer and AIDS.

Are herbs really effective? In treating anxiety, will herbal drugs eventually take place of prescribed drugs? At this point of time, the anwser is probably NO. The fact is that there is no strong evidence yet to prove that herbs are effective in treating anxiety or, better yet, anxiety order, on its own. Although you may have come cross the claims by manufacturers of herbal products or testimonies from patients that they have been helped by St John’s Wort or Velerian Root, traditional medications and behavioral therapies are still the best combination in battling anxiety and other mental conditions. The role by herbal medicines is only supplementary to the main two, at the very best. Having said that, herbs still carry their obvious advantage over the more powerful drugs for being less addictive and less harmful.

If your anxiety problem is only minor, your doctor may recommend herbal supplements prior to stronger medications. If you are, just like many others, purchasing herbs for anxiety treatment on your own, you really need to be cautious with your selection. As with every single industry, some manufacturers are more reliable than the others, and you should do yourself a favor to check them out. You can always consult your doctor for a good recommendation if you would like to skip your homework.

By: Sandy Adamson

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