Once you’ve finally visited your health care provider and you have been diagnosed with from a panic disorder, you will be provided with a suggested course of treatment. In order to make sure the treatment has the best chance of succeeding, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Participate in Your Treatment

Do not sit back and wait for relief to come by itself! You must remain very active and aware of your mind and body’s reactions to your treatment. Be ready and willing to ask any and every question and to address every concern you have with your health care provider. Open lines of communication will go a long ways towards increase your treatment’s chance of success.

Be Patient

While many patients respond within weeks or sometimes even days to treatments for Panic Attack attacks, no one responds the same. Furthermore, no known treatments for panic work instantly. Be prepared to spend at least a full two months following your initial course of treatment before you start judging its effectiveness. If you still haven’t experienced the improvement you were seeking, you can always work with your provider to adjust your treatment plan then.

Be Alert To Side Effects

If part of your treatment involves medication, you will likely start with a small dosage and work your way up to the level your doctor is recommending. Of course, be sure you know exactly what your dosage is and how often you are to take it. Make certain your doctor explains to you any side effects you might expect. Usually they diminish with time as your tolerance increases, but make sure to let your doctor know if you are uncomfortable. Your doctor may begin lowering your dosage, have you stop taking the medication or suggest trying an alternative.

Join A Panic Disorder Support Group

These can be a great source of support, relief and information for those who suffer from panic attacks. Usually a group of a dozen or fewer patients will gather weekly to talk about their experiences, their treatments and coping tips.

Just keeping these tips in mind and putting them to use during your treatment may help make you feel much better and increase your chances of treatment being effective. Try to learn to control your feelings. It’s very important to be in control, so the things in your life that do borther you do not take over, so you do not feel you are losing control. You are the one in control of your life so keep a positive attitude. many people deal with panic attacks through out their lives. I do hop their is some good things you can take from this to help you or a loved one.

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