There are times when we just feel flat – perhaps not dejected, disillusioned or depressed, just lifeless, energy-less and disinterested. And although I’ve been teaching my many personal development clients how they should start each day by focusing their minds – and I do the same myself – sometimes, within no time at all, one ends up feeling, well, ‘I wish I was somewhere else!’ or ‘I don’t feel like doing this!’ I’m not talking about things going wrong during the day, I’m simply talking about what one client described this way: ‘I get into my office, full of the joys of spring, I sit down at my desk, start going through my emails and, suddenly, it’s like I’m in a kind of daze.’

What takes the wind out of our sails so effortlessly? How come we can be so fired up for the day ahead and then suddenly so flat? Actually, the answer is extraordinarily simple – flat is your default state of mind. Yeah, believe it or not, research proves that only the very rare person is tuned in sufficiently to actually be appropriately focused and attentive to get through the normal day effectively. As if that wasn’t enough, research also asserts that, left to its own devices, our minds slip towards negativity. It’s the way we’re wired – and all the personal development or self improvement in the world won’t personal development or self improvement isn’t going to change the hardware.

But a committed approach to self improvement will change the programs that we run. Again, if we do nothing, our subconscious mind is happy to watch reruns – to keep running the same old dysfunctional programs that make our daily lives uninteresting, mundane, repetitive and boring. You have to get control of the channel changer! Self Improvement will teach you how to switch channels and enable you stop watching the same old nonsense. It will teach you how to tune in to reality TV – the reality of the present moment.

Unfortunately, the feeling of mindless-couldn’t-care-less simply creeps up on us all by default. And that will always, for the rest of our lives, be our default state of mind unless you cultivate a mindful, focused, tuned in state of mind – and not only have you got to do this each and every day, you’ve got to find some mechanism to make sure that you can call on that state of mindfulness when you feel that you’re slipping down the inevitable slippery slope towards mindlessness – because, as sure as night follows day, you’ll start slipping the moment you take your eye of the ball.

OK, I may be mixing my metaphors, between computers, televison and slippery slopes – but you understand? Our mind is always waiting to mug us – we’ve got to be on alert as much as is humanly possible.

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