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A scared young lady sits restlessly on her chair as she is facing her doctor. She’s got the look of a scared bird about to take flight. I appear to have this spells ‘, she claimed. I was cleaning the dishes one day, and out of the blue, I feel so scared, I will not move, I was shaking and then I cannot catch my breath and next thing I knew I needed to faint. She pauses for an instant you suspect I am insane don’t you? The doctor shook his head No…but I think your are sick…you show indications of anxiety and stresses and…you are braving a tension over death. it’s been asserted that nervousness is being fearful of an unknown danger while fear is being scared of a definite and particular harm. For the scared woman within the doctor’s office, thinking her dying is near and was real enough causes her so much fear. Her therapy with the doctor in weekly intervals have helped her accepted plenty of things. The base of her anxiety? She was having a tough time accepting her aging process. She becomes mindful of her own mortality. LEARNING TO LIVE WITH uneasiness Often we are concerned over things that don’t exist. Naturally, there are real hazards of which we are scared.

These are real threats to our security and stability like physical and emotional issues. To feel concerned and short of pro help does not imply that we are funny. In today’s busy world, all of us have good excuses to react to events. Events like global temperature rises, terrorist attacks, tsunami and add to that, scenarios that we must deal with our own private lives. From time to time, it is alright to have valid feelings of depression and foreboding. And if things can truly go out of hand, a psychiatrist, trick cyclist, and advisors well-trained enough can offer the sort of help required. But even with pro help, you must also do your part, you want to get busy and employ what ever abilities you have and not dwell on you melancholic moods. With the correct point of view you can get out of your stumbling blocks and find the way out being trap in the cycle of hysteria. Most frequently, folk are concerned because they’re often stuck in the past than living in the present.

It’s not just plain nostalgia but it appears their present situation isn’t the way they wished to be. Dissatisfaction and the disposition of past disasters and guilt dominates us and changes our personalities.

ACCEPT AND LET GO We reject and we don’t learn how to accept our defects. We hated ourselves…how we looked and how others understood us. Lots of folk doesn’t even like the sound of their voice while others can be downright embarrassed if they’re fat and too thin.

We let this illusion of beauty, wealth and success on which we get from mags, Television and even the web be the source of our unhappiness as we consistently compare ourselves to others. It is just thru approval and letting go if things which is external is 1 method of lessening our anxiety panic fits. Another clue to beating our stresses is to understand that we aren’t alone in our fears and fears. But we do not have to be alone. The moment you learn how to accept who and what you are is also the time that you’ll discover that you aren’t set aside from everyone else. Uneasiness is a standard thing and that everybody goes thru with life with it.

But the base line is, we want to control it and not let it reign supreme over our own lives. There would be trouble, there would be agony, there would be sorrow but we are able to survive. Learn how to let go try to be free.

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