There are many different treatments available these days for anxiety and panic attacks. As one of the most widespread mental disorders out there, and with our ever-increasing understanding of it, anxiety is steadily becoming ‘the mental disease of the year’. This is both good news and bad if you are looking for treatments. There a lot of different medications available to help treat anxiety, but they are not without side effects. Looking for some healthy and natural cures is the better way to go.

While anxiety is a ‘mental disorder’, everyone suffers from some amount of it, just as with depression. Some people, due to an imbalance of neurotransmitters, may suffer from undue amounts of anxiety. For everyone else, its just one of those things you have to deal with now and then. Taking medications is an extreme response. There are a number of natural cures you should try first, all of which have worked great for me.

Exercising is a great natural cure for anxiety. Anything that gets your heart rate going and boosts your metabolism will work wonders for reducing anxiety and panic attacks. You always find that once you have done some exercise you notice how relaxed you feel. Our brain chemistry is ‘designed’ with the assumption that we are going to be very active in our lives, as that is how we have evolved. It is only recently that we have become mostly inactive and deskbound and our brain chemistry hasn’t caught up to this yet. Essentially, our bodies are still in ‘hunter and gatherer’ mode, and sitting all day at a desk can cause some imbalances.

Relaxation techniques are good natural cures for anxiety attacks. Meditation, listening to some calming music, reading a good book, getting enough sleep at night, and reducing caffeine intake will all help you to relax and therefore serve as safe, natural cure. This last point especially, caffeine and other stimulants alone can cause huge amounts of anxiety for people. When you cut back and eventually quit caffeine you immediately noticed an enormous reduction in your every day anxiety. You will find you don’t feel so anxious or jittery.

Aromatherapy oils are also great they have been around for centuries and are good natural cure for anxiety attacks. Aromatherapy oils are a way for your brain to react to the smells and when applied to your skin. Each oil has its own purpose and also when mixed with other oils. Oils to use to help calm and relax you are lavender, you can just smell the oil and it is enough for your brain to react to it. Or you can mix with carrier oil like olive or almond and rub some on your temples or just on your body somewhere. You can also use an oil burner and put it in your bedroom or in a room you spend a lot of time.

Other essential oils known to help panic and anxiety attacks are helichrysum, frankincense, and marjoram. Smell each of them, and use what smells best to you, or you could use a combination of your favourite oils mixed in with carrier oil for your skin or put into an oil burner. You could also put a few drops in your bath, layback and listen to some music with a few candles going.

Try all sorts of methods and find what suits you is always the best solution, when we want to cure anxiety attacks, we are all different and we have to feel comfortable about what we are doing. Because the main aim here is for you to feel relaxed. Once you start relaxing you will find you have a lot less stress in your life. But really if you notice here it’s about you and paying some attention to you and how you feel and making yourself feel great again. Anxiety and panic attacks are exactly that! A way for your body to tell you hey slow down stop worrying and pay some attention to me. It’s like a big hello pay a bit of attention to me.

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