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When experiencing a panic attack, it usually happens with no warning and may result from no noticeable cause. Symptoms of panic attacks include numbness in the hands, perceptual distortions, shortness of breath, hot flushes, fear of dying and accelerated heartbeat, to name but a few. Some people suffer from several of these symptoms while other individuals may only experience two or three.

This does not mean that the one individual suffers from a more severe form of panic attack than another, it simply means that some people’s brains respond differently to varying situations. When experiencing panic attacks on a continual basis, whether it is once a day or once a month, it is essential that one seeks safe and effective forms of treatment. Panic attack disorder is treatable in various forms and, as with any disorder, the selection of treatment is based on how severe the disorder is and the individual’s own physiology.

One of the most reliable and trusted forms of panic attack treatment comes in the form of psychotherapy. Many individuals who undergo psychotherapy treatment experience a huge reduction in panic attacks and in many instances, the panic attacks never return. Other forms of panic attack treatment include the use of medication, or a combination of both psychotherapy treatment and medication.

Proven studies have shown that many individuals who suffer from depression and drug abuse have panic disorder, therefore, treating the root of the problem would entail that individuals are not only assisted in relieving their panic attacks but are also assisted with other mental and behavioral problems.

Panic attack treatments in the form of cognitive and behavioral forms involve assistance from a trained therapist to help the client locate the source of the panic attacks and assist with the surrounding behavioral and mental problems that may have triggered them, such as depression. Many counselors who are skilled in their field of work will be able to produce an effective treatment environment where the client will be able to overcome the panic disorder and its related symptoms and problems.

Many times, a panic attack treatment that is utilized is the use of prescription medications. Although found to treat the cause of the panic attacks and to help the individual to relax and feel comfortable in anxiety provoking situations, this form of medication has side-effects, one of its main disadvantages. Many people who utilize anti-depressants feel other than their normal self, for example, they may experience constant fatigue and worry, sometimes even hyperactivity. Research, however, has shown that most forms of anxiety treatments work to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and remove the anxiety disorder within a period of 3-8 weeks.

For a more natural approach, a variety of natural cures and remedies are also available. Ranging from simple behavior modifications to herbal remedies, they can be as effective as other panic attack treatments, without any harmful side effects. Suffering from anxiety disorder should therefore not consume your whole life. With the wide variety of treatments available, people suffering from panic attacks have a very good chance at resolving the problem and leading normal, panic-attack free lives.

By: Ian Jefferson

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