Many times in our life we do not discern how to accept the difficult things in life. Sometimes we can’t determine why we are where we are and do not seem to find all the answers we need. It seems, we are in a rut with our life and we doubt ourselves and begin to wonder if we should just accept the problems and stop worrying about it, cause we have undoubtedly done something wrong. When this happens we must search our heart and soul to find the courage that is within us to travel a little further and know that things happen and are not necessarily something we have caused. We have to find a place to find rest, a time to comfort , a place of solitude and silence. It is a time to remember that we are not alone, we have not been appointed to have more difficulties than any other human. It is all about life and no one is exempt nor excluded from pain.

If you are wearing these shoes at the present and seem to be experiencing , seemingly too much, don’t feel isolated. Everyone has different way of coping with the pressures of life and things we do not understand. It is at this time we should look to our soul and find that spiritual self that may be locked down and needs to be opened. I believe we all have a sacred self . We may not recognize it but to some extent we all have a place that is untouched by outward occurrences of life. If we can identify exactly who we are; we begin to know our soul. Of course, we choose to. There is consolation if we work toward peace within and knowing we are not alone.

Sometimes it seems we have cycles in which things continues in a custom of past issues. I think sometimes issues present themselves again and we don’t know how to break habitual pattern in our life. I think this is the times we try to make sure we have not traveled some negative path. For instance if we are spending to much money and we are having financial difficulties, then we need to change our habits. Anything that is destructing our personal journey, it is up to us to change it.

Sometimes we are resistant to change and our frustrations are related to things we need to change. We cannot make another person be what we want them to be, or make them see the need for change. Change is what we can do for ourselves.

We have so many phases of life and not all of them make us comfortable and in fact they confuse and cause us grief. In our mortal life we have to learn to deal with the hard stuff to live a life of harmony without so much confusion. It makes our life more stable when we learn to take one day at a time with thankfulness. We become stronger when we find the courage to accept, change and grow and know that our life is not different than others; all humans have times of agony.

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