Anxiety. Panic Attacks. Those two words can mean so much to some and so little to others. To you and I they hold incredible meaning.

On a daily basis a panic attack or general anxiety seems to come out of nowhere. This anxiety seems to hit me at the absolute worst time possible, sometimes even when I’ve been having an amazing day without any worries.

A panic attack usually causes the person to become extremely nervous, feeling faint, nauseated, and can even be described as “flashing” in and out, almost as going in and out of consciousness.

One tip I have found extremely useful from this site, was to embrace the anxiety as it comes – to not fight it with all my energy, but to see it coming and get used to it. It helps to even mentally rehearse what you are going to do or what you are going to say. However, don’t necessarily think about the distressing though, but instead how you are going to react.

For example, as that anxiety starts to build, reassure yourself. Tell yourself that your day isn’t ruined and that life will continue to go on. Think of those around you and the amazing support you have. These positive thoughts will work miracles and help build you up.

As time went on I began to better predict when my panic attacks would set in and as a result I could better prepare for them. In addition, the positive reinforcement allowed me to think more highly of myself.

This has been such a liberating feeling. I no longer feel completely controlled by my anxiety or panic attacks. Over time, I’ve slowly been able to conquer more and more of my fears.

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What about Anxiety Symptoms?
Do you ever wonder if you have anxiety? Do your friends sometime have intense moments of anxiety or even a panic attack? Sometimes it is not as easy to diagnose. Not everyone gets that pounding heart beat at inopportune times, or that nervousness that occurs from simply doing a routine action…

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are trying to decide if you have anxiety:

Are you often worried about something when you shouldn’t be? Does this worrying or anxiety interfere with your daily life? Are you afraid of events, activities, things, that you shouldn’t be afraid of? Do you think bad situations are bound to happen to you and are beyond your control?

If you answered yes to any of those questions it is possible that you have anxiety or experience panic attacks. To help better answer the question listed below are some common symptoms for anxiety:


Clearly there are many anxiety symptoms associated with anxiety and panic attacks. You should make sure to be on the lookout for these symptoms not only for yourself, but also for your friends and family around you. I’ve come across friends that didn’t even realize anyone else was feeling the same kind of emotional stress and anxiety as they were. It’s during these times that we must encourage and support one another.

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