Living room is one of the best rooms for the practice of symbolic Feng Shui.

Living Room – a room in which the family receives visitors. And it is important that it have the correct form and that it had good lighting and furniture of traps correctly.

Living room square or rectangular shape is most favorable. If the front door opens into the living room, try to keep it located in front of the window. The location of doors on one wall with a window, especially in the neighborhood with it is also not welcome. This seriously affects the feng shui of the living room and the whole house as a whole.

The larger windows in the living room the better. Make sure that Yang Qi (sunlight) penetrates through the windows. Hang faceted crystals on windows to the sun’s rays turned into a rainbow. If the view from the outside is good (lush vegetation, trees, flowers, gardens or water) try to move it into the living room with windows, balconies or wall mirrors.

Choose the right materials and designs for the floor. Smooth flooring is preferable to rough. In the living room where the family receives visitors all the floors with a rough surface are inappropriate. They symbolize the imbalance, the obstacles and hard way of life. So if you’re counting on a good Feng Shui in the house, choose a smooth floor covering.

If the floor is paved with parquet or a tile, make sure that of the newly established lines are not shaped the tree, toward the door. It is believed that the tree, which goes from the door, pulls into the house of the Chi. But if it angles toward the door, then flows out of Qi, it is respectively.

The ceiling in the living room can feed your energy feng shui, and may give rise to chaos. If molded cornices have rounded edges, they do not affect your feng shui.

Sloping ceilings or ceilings with protruding on the surface of the rafters can seriously damage Feng Shui of your living room. Take on the rafters the same protective measures as for the open ceiling beams. Spiral staircase in the living room is also not particularly welcome. Although in terms of interior decoration it looks beautiful, spiral staircases create negative energy and have an adverse effect on the house. If your house has a spiral staircase, try to remake it into an ordinary flat ladder.

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