Life is waiting to be had by you. Decide that today is that day. Use these ways to live a powerful life today.

Start each day with a brand new outlook. Do not be limited by past results. Do not limit yourself by what you were or weren’t able to accomplish yesterday. Today has power.

Embrace who you are. You aren’t going to please everyone. Start with yourself. Appreciate who you are and grow where you want to.

Don’t gripe. If you aren’t pleased with something, change it. Be the solution, not the problem.

Take an active stance. You be the one that does something. Don’t wait on others.

Change “if only”, into “right now”. Take action upon that situation right now.

Believe to achieve. Make your mind work for you instead of against you. My eBook about making it happen in life will help.

Put your thought into the “what” rather than the “how”. After you purpose ‘the what’ in your mind, begin action on the how.

Make it happen for you. No one else is going to want it for you as badly as you do. Go out there and create new opportunities.

Quit being complacent. Snap out of it. Don’t sleep your way through life. Life is more than mere existence.

Focus on your growth. Be willing to step out from where you are in order to expand your learning and abilities.

There is purpose for your life. Find it. Discover it. Embrace it.

Focus daily on the steps needed to fulfill your purpose.

What would be written on your life’s blueprint? Is it indicative of the way you are living now? Write it down and find the peace that is waiting to be had by abiding by it.

Be dependable to yourself. Build self-trust by making good choices over and over again.

Design the life that you want to live. Start living it by being proactive in setting and reaching goals.

Quit putting things on the back burner. These things don’t always get cooked. Begin something today.

Set goals for your life. Set goals with different time frames. The first, being one month out, and the last being 5 years out. Write them today. Start them today.

Actually live out your bucket list. Many people make them, but few live them. Two things a month minimum should be coming off yours. What two things will it be this month?

Question why it is you do what you do. Be slow to change good qualities, and quick to eliminate bad habits.

Enjoy life to the fullest. It makes little sense to be laboring at something in vain. Seek things that fulfill and bring happiness.

Find out what you are passionate about. Explore and embrace your passion. Be alive. Live with passion!

Learn from constructive criticism. It can help to grow you exponentially. But, don’t be affected emotionally by it.

Focus on the positive. Your life and others around you will reap the benefits of your positive outlook. Be empowered by your own train of thought.

Go after it hard. Make it happen.

Rob Adelphia is a motivational teacher. His goal is that you would live your life out loud! He is always looking for another adventure. He’s been skydiving, bungee jumping, triking, white water rafting, hiked Mt. Elbert.

You can check out his eBook about accomplishing anything.

Live it LOUD!

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