Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks for Good. Standing in a supermarket queue, it’s been a long wait but only one customer to go before you make it to the cashier. Wait, what was that sensation? An unpleasant feeling forms in your throat, your chest feels tighter, now a sudden shortness of breath, and what do you know- your heart skips a beat. “Please, God, not here.”

You glance around to make sure you are safe however; there are several strangers behind you and one other customer in front. You realize you are beginning to have a panic attack while your skin begins to prickle all over as a rush of doom washes over you.

There is no doubt in your mind now that this is going to be a big one. Okay, focus: Remember what you have been taught, and it is time now to apply the coping techniques. Begin the deep breathing exercise your doctor recommended. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

In your mind, you should be thinking pleasant thoughts, which relax you, and again while inhaling – as you exhale you should chant the word Relax in your mind. However, there is a problem when you find that this does not have positive effect and that just in focusing on your breathing makes you even more uncomfortably stressed.

It is all right, just switch to the second coping procedure. Gradually relax your muscles. Begin by tensing your shoulder and hold for ten seconds and then release and again. Still you feel no difference. The very fact that you are running out of coping procedures worsens the panic you feel, as the anxiety seems to worsen. You wish for a close friend or family member to be close by, someone who understands your attacks, rather than the group of strangers where you would feel more confident in experiencing this situation.

Your body stings with the tingling as adrenaline pumps faster in your body, you then feel the terror of losing your complete control right there in the check out line. However, for those around you it is just another day and they have no sense of how you are feeling.

If you feel you are out of options, the next coping procedure is to flee. Simply excuse yourself from the line as you are now slightly embarrassed as it is not your turn at the register. A disorientated cashier watches as you lay your shopping behind on her counter, as you escape the freedom of the location of this attack as you exit the door. Once out of the supermarket you get into your car and begin to ride it out alone. You struggle within as you wonder, could this be the big one. The attack you fear most, one that will push you past your limits both physically and mentally. The panic subsides within ten minutes or so. Nevertheless, it is only ten in the morning. You wonder how you will make it through the entire day.

To someone who suffers from panic attack the scenario above can seen alarmingly familiar. In fact, it is possible just reading this article that the feelings of panic and anxiety are triggered. Everyone is different; therefore, it is normal that their triggers for attacks may differ. A panic attack can occur anywhere at any time.

Nevertheless, you should take comfort in knowing that you are not the only one who suffers from panic attacks. An acute sense of impending doom often accompanies a panic attack. You experience a fear of either collapsing in the middle of the check out line, or that you are about to lose your mind in public.

You are by no means alone; you’re not even one in a million. In America, it is estimated that almost 5% of the population suffer from some form of anxiety disorder. For some, it may be the infrequent panic attacks that only crop up in particular situations-like when having to speak in front of others, while, for other people, it can be so frequent and recurring that it inhibits them from leaving their home. Frequent panic attacks often develop into what medical physicians refer to as an “anxiety disorder.”

Recovery for you starts here and now. Here you will find out just what you should do to end this vicious cycle of panic attacks. Since you will not only learn to take back your carefree lifestyle while developing a new confidence in living your life.

You see, the trick to handling such attacks is the want of having one – as the wanting actually pushes the attack away. You must realize that, that which you oppose will endure. This also applies the fear. To stop opposing you must move towards it, into the path of the anxiety, by doing so, it cannot endure.

What this means is if you try daily to have an attack on your own you will not have an attack at all. Try it right now; you cannot do it, can you? Whether you realize it or not, you have always chosen to panic. You make the choice when you tell yourself that things are beyond your control.

Your real safety is the fact that a panic attack will never harm you. That is medical fact. You are safe, the sensations are wild but no harm will come to you. Your heart is racing but no harm will come to you. The situation is perfectly safe even though you may not feel that way at the time.

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