If you are seeking a Paruresis cure, you may be very acquainted with the emotional roller-coaster Shy Bladder Syndrome plays on your life. You’ll be out in the mall or cinema feeling relaxed, having a good time with your family or friends, then gradually, you feel an abrupt urge to “go”. In the space of just a few seconds, you alter from feeling happy and free, to nervous and anxious. Now, I’m certain you’re extremely aware of this rapid change in your emotional state. However, perhaps you have stopped and considered what you are telling yourself during these highly-emotional moments? What I’m talking about is the “Self-Talk” and it is incredibly powerful if used correctly, and vastly destructive if used incorrectly.

Now, there’s a particular kind of cognitive therapy that’s worried about altering the irrational “self-talk” that goes on in the mind, and it is an incredibly effective Paruresis Cure. The treatment is termed Cognitive Restructuring, and it is very simple in concept. Basically, it calls for identifying the negative questions and statements you present to yourself, and challenging them undeniable evidence to prove that they just aren’t true. By doing so, next time your subconscious throws a destructive comment the right path when you’re inside a public toilet scenario, you’ve ammunition to squash it there after which.

For instance, one of the most common things a Paruretic says to themselves when at the urinal is “What if the guy alongside me sees I’m not peeing?” Obviously, this is destructive since it stops him from relaxing, as well as in reality, it is simply not logical; the guy several urinals down couldn’t give a stuff whether the Paruretic is peeing or otherwise! He’s got their own business to worry about! That’s the undeniable evidence to challenge the negative thought.

If this sounds like something you say to yourself, try replacing it with “No one even cares what I’m doing!” When your emotions are running high, your “Self-Talk” becomes extremely effective for just one reason; it sticks. Think about it, you pay attention to an excellent song on the radio that makes you feel really happy. Hours later, you find yourself still singing the same song; it sticks! Leverage this to be your Paruresis cure.

So, what is the method for applying this for your own Paruresis cure? Well firstly, you have to write down all of the negative, illogical, inaccurate, and destructive questions and statements you know yourself. Some will be able to do that simply by thinking about it now, others will have to recreate an anxiety-provoking toilet scenario to recognize the dialogue. Once you’ve jotted down a list, undergo each one in turn and seek evidence to prove it’s not true.

For example, if you’ve identified you frequently tell yourself “What’s wrong with me, I can not even pee.” The undeniable evidence that you simply tell yourself is that “I pee all the time at home, therefore I’m fully effective at peeing here.” The secret is to locate evidence that disproves the initial negative statement.

For another example, you may say regularly tell yourself “Everybody is noticing I’m not going”. Next time you go into a public toilet, stand at a urinal and deliberately don’t pee. Take a subtle look around. Observe how many people are in fact noticing you. There’s are not any; there’s your evidence!

Now you’ve got your proof, apply your new, positive statements if you use a public toilet. When you walk in, your emotional state will be running high so tell your unconscious mind something powerful that’s going to stick, rather than something destructive. Challenging your irrational “self-talk” is an incredibly effective Paruresis cure; apply consistently and get lasting results.

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