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Male 22

My Doc have diagnosed me with General Anxiety Disorder!

I hate mornings and afternoon … like I feel tired, fatigued and general unwell feeling and starts to feel bit better at night ???? That’s why I Don’t feel like getting up from bed in mornings.

For some odd reason I start to feel better at night especially mid-night that’s why I try to do everything at night.

I Even Shave at mid-night !!!!!

I was always a morning person and now I am totally opposite … in my sleeping patterns, Also I also eat more junk and sweet foods!
I use to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables now I just hate them!! :( :(

I have gained 15 pounds since I was diagnosed with depression and feel no energy in me :( . What is going on ? tired, fatigued and tensed all the time. Fear of loosing mind! Sometimes I even have this weird feeling that my heart is not beating !!

I even have this feeling that I am going to loose my mind and forget who I am or my Family members …. its so wierd seriously !!! Then I think maybe some brain tumor is causing this and I get more Panicky!

What Can I do to feel normal. Its been 4 months I haven’t felt normal.

My Doctor gave me Paxil……..I couldn’t tolerate it and went off after 2 weeks.

Are there natural remedies to restore this so called “Chemical Imbalance”?

P.S I went through Heart Tests and cardiologist said its Anxiety.

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