Are you really experiencing an anxiety or panic attack?

It is always tricky to be able to say for certain, which is the reason why it is recommended to request the thoughts and opinions of your medical professional or specialist to begin with. Lots of people experience various signs and symptoms; but once you have your very first real panic attack, a lot of people describe it as being an overpowering and complete feeling of terror.

Some individuals feel a pounding heart, their breathing rate becomes fast, they feel light headed and faint, sweating or flushing, shaking and trembling; to name just a few. You could possibly experience some of these signs and symptoms or perhaps all of them. Anxiety and panic attacks are usually individual to each particular person but frightening nevertheless.

Why do you get anxiety and panic attacks while driving?

Many people have anxiety and panic attack driving. A panic attack is not a nice thing to happen to anyone, and it can really feel a lot more serious while you are in control of a moving car.

If you suffer with panic attacks whilst driving, then you definitely suffer from the fear of driving at a moderate to a severe level. Your whole body then responds towards the fear, and you start being anxious and concentrating on your own physical signs and symptoms.

After this you get anxious about what is actually happening to you physically, and it then turns into a vicious circle which leads to you becoming progressively more and more anxious until finally a full on panic attacks takes place. By becoming familiar with just what exactly is happening to you, as well as what sparks the fear, you can actually learn about techniques to conquer your panic attacks and anxiety attacks.

Where is it possible to find help?

At the start you’ll want to work out exactly just what you fear. Have a very good look at this when you’re not driving. For those who have trouble with this, then certainly be aware when you’re driving and pay attention to what type of situations trigger off your anxiety or panic attacks.

Is it when the vehicle makes funny sounds and you think you might end up breaking down? Can it be when your driving through busy traffic? Do you find it when getting close to difficult junctions? Can it be driving anywhere that is unfamiliar to you? Is it getting stuck in a traffic jam without to be able to do anything about it? Is it a historical incident like an collision?

Regardless of precisely what your particular fear is. It may be a combination of a few or maybe something really individual for you. Nevertheless, you must get really clear in your mind precisely what makes you nervous about driving. In doing this you can then take steps to learn to deal with your fear.

One particular superb resource is named the Driving Fear Program by Rich Presta. This is a detailed step by step guide on how anyone with the right knowledge along with perseverance can get over their particular fear of driving. You can check out our review (driving fear) here.

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