Many people will need help to overcome their anxiety.  They will need an outside perspective and someone who can explain to them what is going on behind the scenes if you will when it come to what is the cause of their anxiety.  The person most able to do that though will not be a doctor, spouse, or friend though.  Those people can be supportive and a source of stability but most likely the person that will help the most will the therapist.  Having one is great, but a person has to go through the process of finding the therapist that works best for them.

Finding a therapist is not an easy task.  It has to be someone who the patient feels they can trust and it has to be someone who has the experience and know-how to actually be helpful to the panic attack sufferer.  Whether that therapist is found through a doctor or family referral or if they were found through the phone book, there are certain criteria that should be looked for beyond simply their credentials.

Ask about their specific training and experience regarding anxiety disorders as well as their treatment approach.  As about their acceptance of insurance and if they have a sliding scale on their fees.  This is especially important for the person who suffers severe panic attacks as they may have become debilitated to the point that they do not have a steady flow of income.  People who are severely phobic or do not travel should ask about the possability of in-home counseling sessions, at least to the point where they can venture out.  Also be sure to find out if they are licensed to prescribe medicine.  This is important as if they cannot, they must refer the patient to someone who can should medication become necessary.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a therapist, but by answering these questions up front, it can save a patient from having to move to a different therapist should problems arise.  Panic attack sufferers need to minimize their stress and changing therapist mid-treatment is definitely a stressful event.

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