Today I found on the Internet an interesting blog, “Internet marketing from a charming blonde,” and got here on a story of life:

“Once I was visiting a fairly successful lady. I noticed a kind of collage in the kitchen on the wall. Clippings from magazines, some inscriptions and photos were pasted on a large set of map paper. It was news for me at that time!

When I asked her what it was, she stared at me – as I do not know about the existence of maps of Dreams. With the great delight she told me that her card is valid at 100%, which again has been checked up! And I believe her! I so quickly wanted to create my card of dreams that I did not even wait until the next day to buy a large sheet of paper. I found a picture that already tired me, and began to drop all their dreams which cut out from magazines under the glass! Over all the pictures I wrote my wishes and hung a map in a conspicuous place of the room.

Of course my wishes were in no hurry to come true the next day. I even somehow disappointed in this whole idea … Until one day I received a ring as a gift, very similar to the one I had on the card and even it was the same manufacturer, from a catalog which I cut out my dream!

I have read many reports which described the rules of making maps of dreams, for example, hang in a corner of the room; the center should be so and so. In my opinion, this is not so important; the main thing is that you believe in and strongly dream to have your wishes fulfilled. That faith within a man does wonders!

Dreams on the map can be glued and write whatever you wish, any wish: career, education, relationships with people, travel, family, health, home, hobbies, etc. You can also create a collective card, for example, if you have the overall project with someone at work, you can describe your activities and goals. Map of Dreams can be both small and large. You can hang it anywhere. It may even be a daily log sheet, or simply the inscription in the diary. Its appearance should be pleasing to you in the first place.

Recently I read an article on a rather well-known blog; I do not remember a specific address, in which the author describes his method of Dream Cards. He invented an original way to record all the desires in his computer. As well as the option to write little notes with wishes and carry them with you or put at house on the rack.

In general, there are a great number of ways how to write your wishes, the main thing is to believe and strive towards this!

The map works”

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