What are you afraid of?

Frankly speaking while answering on this question, a person can give us a couple of dozen of different answers – from dogs and height, and ending with scandals and the evil eye. Each individual has his own unique set of fears that lives in him for many years. You will not find such people who are afraid of nothing. The spectrum of human fears is very wide, but it can be divided into two broad categories. So, here they are

1. the animal fear:

Instinct is perhaps one of the most important defense mechanisms of any man. Fear of physical pain and deformation of the body. There is also a fear of fighting, violence and dentists. As well as the fear of death.

2. the Social fears:

These fears include: fear of public speaking, fear of mistakes, fear of condemnation of others, fear of failure, fear of feeling weak or frustrated and so on …

According to the sociological surveys that were conducted in 2003, up to 90% of people are trying to fight their fears. I believe that fear you should not kill the fear and also should not have to fight with it. On the contrary your fear must be adopted and loved as an integral, very important part of yourself.

I have already can hear your cries: “How is it possible to love the fear?! What are you talking about? A person cannot love the fear! “.

- You can and should do it! – I will answer to all of you.

Let’s find out together.

Fear is what helps us to survive. Due to fear, we are more attentive to our decisions and actions. Fear, as if points us to the dangers and possible negative variants. Fear is useful. It is our helper. Fear needs a human being!

Fearful thoughts are the true saboteur and murderer of our success. These are they who prevent us from effectively think and act decisively. Fearful thoughts literally bind people’s hands and feet and fetter them in actions. They are like parasites proliferate in the human mind, and if not regularly carry out the “cleansing” they have the capability to subdue the man. During the training, “Iā€™M THE WINNER!” the psychologists talk about the fact that the main source of such ideas should be found in childhood, and also they show how to get rid of them.

What should I do?

The next time when you fears and doubts begin to overcome you, arrange the audit to your thoughts. What’s in your mind is a warning about the danger, and what are fearful thoughts-saboteurs? Do not let the possibility of fearful thoughts to limit your desires and actions. Throw out the saboteurs!

Good luck!

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