Have you been suffering from panic attacks? Perhap you’re not sure having never had an bout of anxiety before. You’re in good company as millions of others feel the same way that you do. Read this article carefully for diagnosing symptoms and controlling panic attacks.

Symptoms of Panic Attacks:

Sudden intense fear
Trembling limbs
Hyperventilating/constricted breathing
Rapid heart beat/pounding heart rate
Choking feeling
Chills/hot flashes
Fear of losing control or going crazy
Fear of dying

The symptoms are often intense, but usually last less than 30 minutes. It is not uncommon to have multiple “mini” attacks in a single day.

Panic and anxiety are a result of a hyper active panic or “fight or flight” response. Therapy can eventually cure this condition, but it does get expensive.

There are some things that we do that can affect anxiety for both good and bad. Use the following tips to ease your anxiety symptoms.

1) Stay Active- Exercise releases endorphins in your body that make you feel good as well as releasing anxiety naturally. Make sure to excercise every day for a constant flow of endorphins and more of a sense of well being. There is no need to kill yourself at the gym, just go for a walk down the street and you will start to feel the results. Try to do a 30 minute light work out every day for best results.

2) No caffeine or Alcohol- Caffeine and alcohol both cause ill affects on the nervous system and add more anxiety.

Coffee will increase your anxiety immediately while alcohol might make you feel better at the time, but make you overly anxious the next morning. Avoid these at all costs until you get a handle on your condition.

3) Deep Breathing Techniques- The #1 symptom that leads to panic is hyperventilation. It happens out of nowhere, but immediately begins the “fight or flight” reaction in the brain.

Counter act these short shallow breathes with slow, relaxing deep breathes. Make sure to breath all the way from your diaphram (under your rib cage) until your breating is back to normal.

Diagnosing symptoms and controlling panic attacks is not that challenging once you realize that the things that you do and put into your body have a direct result on your mood and anxiety. Take small steps to ensure that you are not the one who is accidentally making your own condition worse.

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