A wonderful spring morning. You open your eyes and stretch in bed sweetly, not wanting to get up. Today is the day off and will not need to hurry up – that fact happy you. A little later, you go to wash and brush your teeth, anticipating a good day. It could thus become, if not a call from work … your colleague calls and tells you a bad news: you made a mistake yesterday at work and the boss is not pleased with you. On Monday, you’ll expect troubles at work.

The main question:

How and in what mood will pass your weekend?

Virtually every person, sooner or later, confronted with the events of “beaten out” of his state of mental comfort. There are a variety of events, for example: a quarrel with a spouse, cheat at the supermarket, somebody was rude in transport, the child did not keep his promise, an unpleasant conversation with the mother, etc. “Thanks” these events, in just few seconds, our mood becomes bad. The most unpleasant thing for a man that trail of bad feelings can last a very long time. For example: a call from a friend lasted a minute and the worry and upset about a call you can feel hours, or even many days after.

Let’s learn to utilize the emotions accompanying such events.

The “Creative perception of events”

The technique consists of three sequential steps.

Step 1. State the fact of the presence of unwanted emotions or states.

Step 2. Voiced desired emotions, states and events.

Step 3. Disregard for good.


Conversation with a colleague who made you feel nervous and worry about the upcoming event.

Step 1.

- Yes, I’m nervous and worried about what will happen on Monday.

Step 2.

- I want to spend the weekend quietly, aside from work and be with my family. Let us examine the matter on Monday. Want to be chief reassured and praised me for my work until Monday.

Step 3.

- How are my children? We have to go to the zoo.

Why and how does it work?

Let’s look at how the proposed method helps us to transform your life in a positive manner.

Step One.

Voicing this state, a person “takes out” a negative energy, which destroys him here and now and brings additional problems and difficulties in the future. This step is essential to be honest with yourself – the dishonesty itself destroys a person’s life particularly intense.

Step Two.

We are creating the intention for us to be positive. These words (thoughts) direct the energy born of a situation in a constructive (creative) channel. Here it is useful to recall the reception Sense order of events. ”

Step Three.

Directs your attention to the good and turn our thoughts from negative to positive.

From experience: using this approach, positive changes take place with dozens of times faster and quieter.

What if the thoughts do not go?

Many people are so accustomed to a state of apathy and bad mood, they feel, that it is completely normal to think about issues and concerns. Such an assumption is fundamentally not true! A person can think about what he likes and thanks to his thoughts he creates his tomorrow. Thoughts are material – this law always works. Choose your thoughts and control their content. Initially, this will not be easy, but very soon you’ll get used to it.


After a conversation with a colleague, you’ve done the method “Creative perception of events”, but bad thoughts do not leave you.

Step 1.

- I’m still worried and nothing I can do about it.

Step 2.

- I want to spend the weekend quietly, aside from work and be with my family. I want chief to be reassured and praised me for my work until Monday. I want to learn how to treat such events calmly and to control my mood.

Step 3.

- Let’s read a good book

A man is obliged (to himself and the world) to stretch to a good and positive mood (joy, happiness, inspiration, love …).

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