What do you want to have happened with you over the next 15 minutes? It is a fairly simple question about which few people hardly think. We have more dreams about some kind of global goals and of great deeds, and not notice that small desires and dreams are realized no less. Most of our attention, we tend to send to the big goals, not giving proper attention to the goals smaller. That’s how people fall into the trap, where big dreams and plans do not come true for one simple reason: no experience and confidence that the wishes and dreams can come true at all.

Let us be clear in the process of realization of desires.

Let’s create our own system of required orders and desired results.

The “Conscious order of events.”

It all begins with the realized and sounded, perhaps even mentally, desires. You can book events and results; you should only learn how to order your desire. Let’s learn to do it in steps.

Step 1. Make out your wish.

What do you want to have happened to you over the next 15 minutes? Answer yourself this question: “I want to ____________». Desire can be very different in volume and in reality at the moment.

For example:

”I want somebody to bring me a cup of coffee now”

“I want to dine in the restaurant for free”

“I want to have a new Jaguar XK-R”

“I want to have a raised the salary for the work”

Step 2. Feel the result.

At the time that you make a wish, create in your breast a feeling that this desire becomes a reality. Feel the body of your desire as a fait accompli. Feel the warmth and density in the chest and upper abdomen. Try it – it is not difficult. The more you are going to practice, the easier it will get.

Step 3. Remove the dependence on the result.

Desire is documented and sounded. From that moment, let it be implemented independently. Try to remove all possible expectations from your mind, and your emotional dependence on the implementation of this desire.

The entire algorithm looks like this:

Voice a desire, feel that desire on the level of bodily sensations, as an accomplished one and turned your attention to any other thing (let go the thoughts on this matter).

For more details.

In order this mechanism will work at full, it is necessary to use about 70 – 100 times a day.

Approximately 70% of all desires are related to lifestyle and daily needs. This type of desire help us to work out this technique to develop automaticity and enduring confidence (at the level of the unconscious) in the efficiency of the reception.

Direct approximately 20% of all desires to the weighty and desires difficult to implement. For example: I want to I got a new car, I want $ 100,000 as a gift, I wish that I was appointed to the new position, etc. This type of desire, because of the previous one, will be implemented, and bring us the results we want.

The remaining 10% of desires, we are sending to the wishes of that for us yet, are just not real. These desires can be big, very big, enormous. They need us to broaden our permitting database.

Try to practice the acceptance of the order of events. You’ll see tangible results in 3-5 days of active use.

Have you thought of your own reality? I guess yes. Even more I think there is no man would like to find some kind of Science of Getting Rich. You know, it is possible to live in the way you want. You need to know as a man thinketh and learn how to attract right events. Check out this Law of attraction site to get more details on this.

Also take advantage of the Internet as there you can find lots of related info.

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