Coping with panic attacks can be easy. If you have experienced the terrifying sensations that come along with panic attacks before, then definitely, you would like to look for ways to cope with, or even get rid of it. It is indeed a very scary and bothering experience that could make an individual lose confidence.

So, if you want to know some tips on coping with panic attacks, then read along this article. At the end of it, you will find suggestions on how to prevent another panic attack from occurring.

- Learn Breathing Exercises

Learn it beforehand. It would only make matters worse if you wait until you are panicking to try out a breathing exercise. So, what you can do is, to learn a simple breathing exercise when you’re not in a highly anxious state and practice it often, around twice a day for about 5 minutes in the morning and night.

You can also choose to count your breath, maybe from one to three, and tell yourself that you will feel calmer right after breath number three. You can repeat the process if you wish. It would also be better if you enroll in yoga, so you can pay attention to the rhythm of your breathing.

Take Out the Bag – If you haven’t learned any breathing exercises and you feel a panic attack is coming, take a brown paper bag, and breathe in and out of it slowly. If you can’t find any paper bag, you can use your own cupped hands.

- Learn Relaxation Techniques

If breathing exercises don’t help, then you can learn simple relaxation techniques. Again, it is best if you learn and practice this beforehand, so relaxing your muscles will come naturally to you.

Here is one simple relaxation technique. First, you close your eyes and take deep and slow breaths. Then, pinpoint which areas of your body are tense and imagine them disappearing. After, relax every part of your body, one by one, maybe starting from the feet upwards. You can do this for 20 minutes, and afterwards, you take deep breaths and stretch.

- Think Positive Thoughts

Your panic attack probably started because of thinking too much. So, instead of thinking negative thoughts (which got you to a panic attack in the first place), how about trying positive thoughts, this time? Think: “I can do this! My fear of this is only a thought!”

- It will pass. Convince yourself that no matter how scary the sensations you feel are, it too will pass. They are only temporary feelings, and are not medically dangerous or harmful.

- How To Stop Panic Attacks from Occurring Again

If you don’t want to keep on coping with panic attacks, you can choose to stop it permanently. There are e-books available online that offer you sound and effective techniques that are reliable, safe, and easy to implement. If you’re in doubt, you can check out the testimonials sent in by other users, and see how it changed their lives. Some of these e-books also have a satisfaction guaranteed program, so you are really assured of its reliability.

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