One of the best ways to understand causes of anxiety and panic attacks is to analyze the underlying cause and nature of the anxiety itself. One of these aspects that continues to emerge is the role that genetics play in anxiety disorders, which contribute to the causes of panic attacks and anxiety in general.

Some anxiety sufferers do not realize this though, and some of the latest research suggests that the gene catechol-O-methyltransferase may be linked to conditions leading to an increase in anxiety. Although this was just a trial study, the results are quite interesting to spur on additional research as this trial study was too small to provide conclusive and substantial data.

Based on the studies previously mentioned, one must understand that chemicals are used as transmitters of messages within the brain. The most common chemicals include that of serotonin and dopmine. Once the levels of these chemicals become imbalanced, researchers believe that this can cause the onset of anxiety or be attributed as the causes of panic attacks. This is why many of the drugs and products that are available today are centered around serotonin or the production thereof, to bring about a more balanced level.

There is no doubt that should the causes of panic attacks and the anxiety itself, if left untreated can have significant effects upon your life and overall wellbeing. These effects have been highlighted as manifesting themselves in physical illnesses as a result of the anxiety. One of these conditions highlighted included that of heart disease. However a number of theories continue to be presented around the causes of panic attacks, inclusive of that being stress, which as anyone knows is extremely plausible in the current lifestyles that we live.

There is no one specific reason as to why we suffer from anxiety or specific causes of anxiety, but rather a more individual analysis and approach needs to be taken, specific to the person in question. One of the greatest problems with the causes of panic attacks and anxiety is that people do not deal with these underlying causes or factors, but rather try and treat the condition with a one size fits all mentality or approach.

To compound the current situation, many an anxiety sufferer will not seek help, as they may see the condition as not being that important or may even fear being ridiculed or judged by others. This is definitely not wise, and even seeking out a treatment based upon medication and drugs might not be the best route either. Medication and drugs are known to have side effects, including that of many of them being addictive. So is trading anxiety or panic attacks for that of addiction worth the effort, this is doubtful.

Thankfully there are natural remedies, programs and even support structures that anxiety sufferers can utilize in overcoming anxiety and causes of panic attacks. From therapy to exercise routines, these options may well be the solution for you. The point here is that acknowledge the problem, seek out help and consider the possible solutions to your causes of panic attacks and anxiety.

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