Our house is a mirror image of ourselves. It reflects our interests, our beliefs, our doubts, our spirit and our passion.

House – is more than comfortable and safe space. This is a place where you can meet face to face with the universe. This is the point of intersection of time and space, which takes the energy or reflecting it.

Your home can be a place of renewal and hope. It can be a haven in which you find shelter and rest during times of change, an oasis of calm among the hustle and bustle. Homes can bring healing and renewal. Your home may help to get stronger and heal not only you; it can give the harmony with which you and everyone who visits it will be able to climb to a higher spiritual level.

It is very important to give our living space a sense of cosmic order – to bring integrity to our homes, the balance between our essence and flow of the universe. Our homes can provide shelter and hope for a renewal in the future, which may be difficult, but certainly happy. They can become a sacred space where we can remember who we are and why we are here on this planet at this time.

There are pathways of energy in the world. Through harmony and clean energy in your home you can open up the boundaries of your living space, so that your house will become a place of concentration of energy. In turn, your home will radiate this energy in the form of love and light to the rest of the world and the universe.

House as a “living being”

In order to understand how to clean energy in the house, it is important to understand how our living space interacts with the life around us. To do this, it is important to understand the three basic principles that underlie all the techniques of purification of the space:

1. Everything is made up of constantly changing energy.

2. You are connected with the world around you.

3. Everything has consciousness.

That is, your home is a growing energy which has consciousness. It has the “essence” with which you can communicate, as a living organism it can protect and heal you and your family, if you understand and respect its life. You can learn to interact with your living space to create a balance and harmony with all around you with energy.

All life is energy. We are dissolved in the ocean of energy. Energy flows around us and a constant stream of moving, ever changing in time and space. Physicists recognize that the atoms and molecules are always in constant motion. Beneath the surface of solid objects that exist in a linear river of time, there is a reality in which energy is turned in a whirl, creating a form, and then dissolves and combines with the flow around.

Peace is a dance of two opposing, but harmonious forces of the universe: yin and yang, ordinances, and waking. The world around us and within us is the interaction of these forces and energies in a fancy weave. Energy is replenished by the flowing and envelops us, not confined to past and future. We participate in endless, but structured in a certain model of the eternal drama of light and darkness. The basis of this movement is the cosmic order. There is an innate harmony inherent in life, similar to the wave energy propagation and spiral “form” pulsating electrons, harmony behind and beyond existence

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