New furniture is more preferable then an antique one. If you do not exactly know the origin of the old furniture you have, do not tempt the fate and do not take it to your house, because it can be filled with plenty of bad or even tragic energy. Feng Shui is a practice that tries to create and accumulate the good energy. As a rule, the antique furniture pulls the train of stagnant energy. It is even worse when some kinds of antique furniture can be completely saturated with destructive energies. You should treat the antique beds and couches with the biggest suspicious.

If you need one or two cabinets for the living room, keep in mind that there are many different designs cabinets, from the very finest in modern-style maple and walnut, to the massive eastern cabinets with dark or rosewood. Whichever style you choose, make sure that the cabinets did not look ominous. All sharp edges must be rounded to have a less threatening form.

You have to refuse enclosures with heavy carvings and ornaments in the form of figures of ferocious beasts. The energy of the massive furniture can sink a small house. It is better to stay on the furniture of simple construction, with clear outlines. But at the same time, the furniture must be reliable. Avoid fragile-looking things. Cabinets with crosses, diamonds and other spiky patterns will never bring a good luck to their owners.

During trips to furniture stores, develop a skill to recognize the details that may affect your feng shui to unnecessary risk. There is a good rule of thumb: furniture without threatening brows is considered to be a good one. The furniture with doors is also good, but not with open shelves. Bookshelf without doors can threaten your overall well-being. As a result of staying near the open bookshelves your career will not end in a good way. Problems arise when the balance is running your astrological fortune.

In terms of Feng Shui sofa with high back and armrests, which provides the support to the rear and side, is considered an excellent. These sofas are much easier and certainly more favorable than the sofas and chairs with low backs. Sofa with low back does not support you. It is better to buy sofas of neutral colors, but with a predominance of yang tones – it contributes to the accumulation Yang Qi.

Pick up for your home the enabling works of art. Do not use tragic, sad or frightening images. It is better to hang pictures, radiating the light and joy. Remember that Feng Shui of the living affects any object located in plain sight.

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