The basic idea of positive psychology is one simple rule: think only about good things. But as it turns out, this is not so easy. According to the observations of psychologists, people tend to expect of failure far more often than a success. And all it because a positive attitude to life requires much more energy than usual for many pessimistic. To be an optimist is a big job. But if you try you will see that thinking about good you’ll be able to improve on your life.

1. Do not allow yourself to think about the bad, no matter what happens.

Stop watching sad movies, reading heavy books, to sit at the TV nightly news. Before going to bed do not think about the issues that will need to decide on the next day. It is better to imagine that everything went smoothly. Quite possibly, it’s not so bad and the inevitability of disaster – just a figment of your negative attitude of mind.

2. Try to see the good in people.

If you irritate some people, but you have to communicate with them, try to see their positive qualities and encourage them. On the one hand, it will reduce your irritation, but on the other will arrange it for you. Try to pay compliments, but honestly, with all your heart. If you’re going to treat the person graciously and kindly, he did not want to disappoint you, most likely, change his behavior in the right side of you. Because all of us deeply inside want to please the others.

3. Do not rush to conclusions.

Assessing the situation, which you seem catastrophic, do not rush to blame yourself or others. Try to look at it from the other side and find at least one positive element. There are no solid black bars in your life – at least in the small white speckles, but not monotone black. Take difficulties on your way as the lessons that life gives. Your task is to understand why it happened, to accept the situation and learn the maximum benefit from it.

4. Formulating goals believe in achieving them.

Do not allow yourself to doubt the success for a moment. Anything is possible. Just thinking about failure, you are sending a signal to the world that you’re ready for the negative outcome. And it did not take long. Modern psychologists know that the positive-minded people rarely get sick. Positive attitude can overcome a very severe disease. A long time and around the world it was noticed that in the winner army the wounded recovered faster than in the army of the losing side. ”

5. Be careful with words.

We underestimate their power. Pronouncing the words of positive or negative semantics, you send the corresponding command in your brain, thereby tuning either the success or fail. If you say: “I do not want to quarrel again today with my mother,” with high probability the quarrel will happen. Particle “no” is not perceived by our subconscious, and we get an assertive sentence. Learn to program the desired result: “I want my mother and I had a very pleasant evening.”

6. Turn to your visualization.

There is one very effective technique that is used by psychologists to improve health, develop self-confidence, and improve communication skills. It is called the method of positive visualization. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply. Imagine as vividly as possible, with all the details that you are healthy / alert / confident / relaxed / happy, etc. (Depending on what state you want to achieve). The duration of one session is 1-3 minutes. To be most effective you need to deal with visualization on a regular basis.

Before going to bed or when you go in the subway, or standing in a queue, picture what you want, in detail, in minute detail. The stronger and more vivid visual images are, the more likely that the desired will become a reality.

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