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Anxiety and Depression is caused by an imbalance of brain chemistry. Symptoms are normally dealt with by drugs, such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s) like Paroxetine (Paxil), Sertraline (Zoloft) and Fluoxetine (Prozac).

Little do doctors tell you that imbalances in brain chemistry are actually due to poor diet, an unsatisfactory sex life, lack of exercise and lack of support in relationships. Most if not all of these issues are ignored by the average doctor before they administer antidepressant drugs.

There is a lack of general mainstream holistic health information and knowledge. People are just unaware of what factors are causing all the problems in their lives. The medical establishment is like a veil of illusion masking real knowledge about how to live a healthy and happy life. Doctors are not trained in health, they are only trained in sickness. This means that you can not depend on doctors for your health, but only when you have become sick. The people of the future will be their own doctors, taking complete responsibility over their own health and holistic well being.

The basic core causes of anxiety and depression are are completely ignored by the mainstream medical establishment. Mainly because doctors do not have the time to do deal with these type of issues, because they are so complex. Therefore doctors may not be doing anyone with anxiety and depression any favours when it comes to prescribing antidepressant drugs.

Love and support in relationships helps produce serotonin (brain chemical of satisfaction, comfort and relaxation). Exercise also balances brain chemistry through the production of endorphins, and this together with correct diet the healthy production of dopamine (brain chemical of clarity, attention, interest and motivation).

There is no evasive short cut to living a healthy and fully functional life. There is no immediate miracle cure to anxiety and depression. It is up to the responsible person to learn about healthy diet, which in itself has the power to remove anxiety and depression by it’s roots. It is up to healthy person to exercise in a healthy way. It is up to the loving person to create a healthy loving fully functional life in all ways to facilitate his or her needs for love and support in relationships in order to create healthy brain chemistry.

There are two ways of dealing with anxiety and depression

1.) The most popular but unhealthy way is to suppress the symptoms, by taking antidepressants, eating junk food, drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes or drugs. This may work temporarily for some people, but for those who are sensitive or for those who’s soul is longing for love and freedom it only leads to more pain and suffering. This method may also include refusing to take responsibility for your problems by depending on others such as the medical establishment. With this method you may find yourself anxious and depressed for many years to come, until you decide to take responsibility for your life.

2.) The second method normally occurs after a lot of suffering in life and with many years of experiencing anxiety and depression. After a lot of soul searching you may stumble across yoga, healthy living, correct diet, healthy relationships and spirituality. You may research natural holistic cures for anxiety and depression and be well on your way to recovery and creating a glorious future. The power to create a healthy and happy life is in your hands. It is lost when you refuse to take responsibility by depending on others such as the medical establishment.

By: James O’Neill

About the Author:

James O’Neill is a spiritual healer and psychologist who runs a website called AnxietyMadeWell.Com.

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