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There are very skeptical people in the world who are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. They are quick to believe that there is no solution to their problem. They think that the only way to fix anxiety and panic attacks is with strong medicines. If you are one of the skeptics who believes this, then you are incorrect in your assumption.

This article will help you find a new and effective way to cure your anxiety and panic attacks with natural cures. It will also inform you of other methods that are being used that do not require strong medicines.

We will also discuss what the cause is for panic attacks, new and effective ways when curing anxiety and panic, and if drugs really work as a cure.

I hope that once you have read this article you will be able to determine the best cure for you and rid yourself of anxiety and panic attacks for life.

The Amygdala is the area in the brain that would have the biggest cause for panic attacks. The Amygdala controls the levels of anxiety in the brain. Confirmed by the National Institute of Health, scientist world round have shown facts that the Amygdala controls anxiety levels.

Amygdala is 100% responsible for your symptoms no matter how intense or slight they are. High levels of anxiety are sent out from this organ when certain emotions are triggered. Disturbing thoughts, anxiety and panic are some of the few.

Can drugs make the Amygdala become “unstuck”? According to scientist the answer is, No. Drugs work in a dampening way. The anxiety subsides for the time that you are on the medication and you feel great, but when you stop taking the drug, the anxiety returns. Sometimes worst than before the drug treatment.

Targeting the source of the anxiety is something that needs to be done right away in order to find out why the anxiety and panic exists. You will feel that something is wrong with you, but the Amygdala thinks that everything is normal.

You have to put the organ in default mode and reprogram were the anxiety levels in your body are low. The technique to do this is different and results come fairly quickly. You can cure yourself in as early as 1 to 2 days.

For anxiety and panic attacks, in all actuality, the Amygdala is both the cause and cure. In other words…if you ‘think’ that you are suffering, you can ‘think’ that you are not. This also means that the problem starts and stops in the brain. It also means that drugs do not work. They do not target the problem, they only suppress it.

So, it is very logical to believe that you can cure yourself of anxiety and panic attacks. All it takes is a little reprogramming of the almond shaped organ in your brain.

By: Nicole Ross

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