Cause for anxiety disorder – Why Do Anxiety Panic Disorders really happen?. What exactly is anxiety? There are some questions we must ask ourselves first. Do you ever experience the unnecessary fears and then have a fast heartbeat or even difficulty breathing? Do you ever daydream or imagine something bad is going to happen? Do you get worried and think about one of your loved one’s death or maybe even a feeling or sense of doom is going to happen? Do you panic when you are faced with a new problem or you are in a new situation? Do you become afraid or think you are going crazy? There are other questions that we can but if you have answered yes to these questions above then you may be suffering from anxiety disorder or possibly even getting “anxiety attacks”.

Cause for anxiety disorder

Most people are going to experience fear and anxiety when in certain situations. This is really quite normal. Fear is an emotional and behavioral response. It recognizes some type of external threat and kicks into play.

Now on the other hand anxiety is an unpleasant emotional state. This anxiety has a much less clear source of why it occurs. And with this being the case, anxiety will indicate the presence of a psychological conflict.

What is the difference between panic and anxiety

Panic and anxiety are two totally different things. But yet they are interrelated. Panic is a set of or even intense response to a normal thought or sensation. Panic can often be accompanied by a feeling of some type of doom is going to occur. There are also physical symptoms of panic which are: a rapid heartbeat or feels like your heart is pounding, sweating, shaking and there are others.

Anxiety on the other hand is really a psychological condition. This condition is made worse by the prolonged thought processes that occur. Anxiety can cause other problems like phobias, such as agoraphobia. Agoraphobia occurs when a condition develops of self preservation avoidance. Meaning a person is a fear of leaving their controlled environment.

Now every person has a certain level or a threshold that he or she is able to handle a situation or be in control of the situation. There are some people however who have a low threshold. This could be due to some type of genetic makeup or it could be due to possibly a past experience. If this person is pushed past the threshold level, this person is going to feel stressed or possibly overwhelmed. When this occurs you could easily develop or fall into anxiety attacks.

We don’t know or are not really absolutely sure of what will cause an anxiety disorder. You may be among one of so many other people who suffer from “anxiety attacks”. There are many reasons on why people get these. When the anxiety attack does occur it is really your response to stress or a stressful situation.

This stress can occur due to a breakup in a relationship, could also be due to lifestyle that the person leads or has been forced to lead. Stress can even occur when you are exposed to some life-threatening problem or even disaster.

Natural remedies for panic attacks

The real problem is though, that for anxiety disorders to occur it will take time. This can sometimes be a long period of time. It can take days, months, or even years to develop. anxiety disorder and will present none were sometimes very few symptoms, until the disorder has developed fully.

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