BAM! Suddenly you are hit by a truckload of terrifying symptoms, you heart start pounding madly and you feel the pressure building up in your chest…”Oh my god! I am having a heart attack. I am going to die! Someone help!”

Sounds familiar? Or did something similar happen to you? The fear that your going to die due to certain symptoms your experiencing.

To dispel this misconception once and for all: NO, you cannot die from panic attack!

Panic attack can make you feel like dieing, BUT you need to understand that its simply not the case. A perfectly healthy person with no physical condition cannot simply just die! Its not possible. Yes it can feel abnormal, it feel so real, but you need to understand that its your body’s nervous system being at a state of high alert. Its coming from you. You are exaggerating those strange feelings into MAJOR significance.

For example:

During a panic attack, your heart beat irregularly and you chest hurts. But does it mean you have heart attack? Obviously not! For the lack of a better term, most sufferers just think that they are having a heart attack when in fact its not. Heart attack is heart attack. Chest pain is chest pain, do not mix them up together. Without an existing heart condition, you CANNOT get heart attack just like that.

During a panic attack, you feel your muscle tensing up and your shaking or trembling madly. Most suffers thinks that they are having a seizure or stroke, but is it? Obviously not! Again, for the lack of a better term, most sufferers just classified it as seizure when in fact its not. They are exaggerating those strange feelings into MAJOR significance, making something out of nothing! Seizure is seizure. Panic attack is panic attack. Without a history of epilepsy, you CANNOT suffer from seizure.

As you can see, the list goes on and on, and I can assure you here that there is a perfectly logical explanation for EVERY single symptoms your experiencing. This fact still remains, panic attack can NEVER kill you.

-You cannot have a heart attack

-You cannot stop breathing

-You cannot faint

-You cannot go mad

-Above all, you cannot simply just die…its not possible.

So…can you die from panic attacks?

NO! Accept that you are a panic attack sufferer and do everything you can to overcome it. Don’t run or hide from it…and certainly don’t fear it.

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