Countless number of people practice meditation – many do so regularly. However, many surveys indicate that the vast majority of people are unhappy. Most of my personal development clients meditate – but many of them still find themselves stressed, worried and all over the place during the rest of the day. So the key question is can meditation give you peace of mind?

Firstly, many people don’t even discover peace of mind while they’re meditating! Their heads are all over the place, they get distracted or often they end up overwhelmed by completely irrelevant thoughts. Very often, when meditating, they become even more unhappy than they were before they sat down because they are under the impression that they don’t know how to meditate. But, even if you’re really good at meditating and get real clarity of mind out of it, you can take it for granted that that same focus and peace of mind doesn’t stay with you as your day progresses. You fall back to your normal state of mind.

As humans we are conditioned to be mentally all over the place – that’s just how we are. And that’s the way we’ll always be unless we take concrete steps – not just when we meditate but throughout each and every day. You need to realize is that meditation should be viewed as a method of mental discipline. Basically, even if you’re distracted whilst meditating, the determinationto see it through disciplines your mind. You shouldn’t worry, you shouldn’t fret, you should just get all the way through your meditation.

More importantly, I believe that most people don’t seem to make the link between their meditation and what’s happening during their daily lives. You have to call yourself to attention during the day to check up on your state of mind. Chances are, you’ll be all over the place relative to the peace that can embrace you during a good meditation session. After you’re determined how you’re feeling, you need to act to bring yourself back towards a clear and present state of mind. You don’t have to take drastic action. It can be something small, like getting up from your desk for five minutes to have a breather – literally, pay attention to how you’re breathing in and out, no one else will be any the wiser. Or you can go outside for a cigarette and really enjoy it – yeah, even smoking can be a meditation. The important point is that you take a pause, check up on how you’re feeling and tune back in to the reality of the moment.

As I said, meditation is a discipline. Discipline yourself regularly – not just with a quick session of meditation first thing in the morning, but throughout the day. If you don’t, the peace of mind that you experience during meditation (even if it’s only once in a while) will be of no practical assistance to you during your everyday life. And, if meditating doesn’t make a practical difference when it matters, why bother?

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