One cannot argue against the tenets of physics: apple, coming off the branch, will inevitably fall to the ground; the like-charged particles repel and the unlike attract. Surprising fact, but these laws are also in life. We choose people to friends like ourselves, all our life we are looking for our “soul mate” and inevitably stepping on the same rake. Psychologists consider these phenomena as legitimate ones. But how can they be explained?

Law of attraction says that every person through the power of thought, making certain acts, draws what he wants. We are sending signals into the universe in the form of thoughts, and it responses to them. It’s like a law of gravity: if you throw an apple up, it will return to you back, but with greater force. This happens because the Earth’s mass exceeds the weight of an apple.

When I was a little girl, I went to a regular kindergarten. Some kids taunted my speech and movements, and I resented them, but I still wanted to interact with the children in my group and the entire kindergarten. I filled home pockets with sweets and gave them to children. I also told them interesting stories, so my desire to play with classmates was granted.

Later, while working at the school, I too have resorted to this method. So I drew the attention of children. Many of them were my friends for life, others present in my life, too, but as not very close friends. Now I have friends all over the world. They call, write, come to visit, and I know that these people are my friends.

All the great religious books and popular proverb says: «You reap as you sow” This truth is based on two principles: first, we get exactly what we think, secondly, we draw in what the best pay attention, i.e. react. If we think about the bad – always get a negative result, since concentrating the power of thought on the negative. If we think about something good, something positive and we are waiting not so long for a positive result.

Experts in quantum physics say that positive thoughts are much easier to attract, which means that the final result is faster and easier. Every thought has its own frequency. When we direct our thoughts in one direction, then this also happens on a physical level. I’m not saying that we should not ignore the reality of life. We must accept reality as it is, but do not dwell on the negative, you annoying situations. This leads to self-destruction. We need to draw the moral from the negative experience.

People with disabilities have much bigger desire to live than that of ordinary people. They need only to seek a double and sometimes triple work. But, unfortunately, feeling rejected by such people direct these forces against themselves. Therefore, many have sometimes depression and nervous disorders: they look at life not as a strong people, who must learn to walk, talk and think all their life, but as weak and defenseless.

Not everyone can remain strong, despite the circumstances. For many people to make the right conclusions is a backbreaking labor. They draw attention to bad events, ideas and people to complete self -destruction. But it is enough to look at the situation as a useful experience to draw the necessary conclusions and to direct them in the future.

Be happy!

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