Even in cases of persons in whom the en rapport conditions are good, it is well to establish a rhythmic unison between you. This is done by both you and the person breathing in rhythmic unison a few moments. Begin by counting “one-two-three-four,” similar to the slow ticking of a large clock. Have the other person join with you in so counting, until your minds both work in the same rhythmic time. Then you should have him breathe in unison with you, making a mental count with you at the same time, so that you will “breathe together.” Count (mentally) “one-two-three-four,” as you inhale; the “one-two,” holding the breath; and, then “one-two-three-four,” exhaling or breathing-out. Try this various times, and, you will find that you have established a rhythmic unison between yourself and the other person. In the progress of an experiment, if you should find that the conditions are not as good while might be desired, you will do well to pause for a few moments and re-establish the proper rhythmic harmony by this method of harmonious rhythmic breathing.

Begin by having the projector decide on several prominent object in the room, a chair, or table for instance. Then have him take your left hand in his right hand. Raise your left hand, held in his right hand, to your forehead; then close your eyes and remain passive a few moments. Have him concentrate his mind intently on the some object—and will that you should move toward it. Have him think of nothing else except that object, and to will you to move toward it, with everything his power. Close your eyes, and quiet your mind, opening your consciousness to each mental impression that he may send you. Instruct him to think not merely “chair,” for instance, but rather “there—go there.” The main thought in his mind must be that of direction. He must will that you move toward that chair.

After a moment or two, you will begin to feel a vague, general impulse to move your feet. Obey the impulse. Take a few slow steps in any direction that seems undemanding to you. Sometimes this will take you in an opposite direction from that of the chair, but it will “get you going,” and you will soon begin to feel that the direction is “all wrong,” and will begin to be mentally pulled in the right direction. You will have to actually experience this feeling, before you will fully comprehend just what I mean.

After various tiny practice, you will begin to feel quite distinctly the mental direction, or will-force, of the projector, which will seem to tell you to “come this way—now stop—now turn a diminutive to the right—now a small to the left—now stop where you are, and put out your right hand—lower your hand—move your hand a dumpy to the right—that’s it, now you have got it everything right.” You will soon learn to distinguish between the “no, that’s wrong” thought, and the “that’s right” one; and between the “go on,” and the “come on” one. By making yourself completely passive, and receptive and obedient to the thought and will-impulses of the projector, you will soon act like a ship under the affect of the rudder in the hand of the projector.

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