Social anxiety disorder is not uncommon. It’s estimated that as many as 10% of the population suffer from this disorder at some point in their lives. It may affect people when they are faced with any kind of social situation, or the symptoms may only occur in certain circumstances, such as when having to give a presentation, or when meeting new people. Sufferers are aware that these fears are unreasonable but that doesn’t stop them from being excessively anxious. Overcoming social anxiety is crucial because if unchecked and untreated, it could lead to a more severe social anxiety disorder which can even greatly interfere with your daily life and it may lead to needing professional psychiatric help.

Overcoming social anxiety is not simple to do since it interferes with your daily routine. Those suffering from social anxiety disorder deal with this problem every day. Feeling extreme fear or anxiety can be caused by simple things such as the ringing of the door bell, answering the phone or the idea or going to the mall with other people. Those who suffer badly from social anxiety disorder may do their best to avoid whatever social situations that they can. Skipping classes, meeting and parties is far from uncommon, and, as you can imagine, this makes it difficult to make progress and to achieve goals and objectives. They don’t show up at the events for fear that they will do something that will humiliate or embarrass them. If they do show up, they will not get involved.

No one knows the exact cause of social anxiety disorder. It is thought that it’s more a case of nurture than nature though, and that past events, or maybe even just one event, in which a person was made to feel extremely uncomfortable in front of others haunts them, and they are constantly in fear of a repeat occurrence. Some research has suggested that it could be due to imbalances in chemicals in the brain, but studies have not proved to be conclusive. Whilst the causes of the disorder have not yet been established, good progress has been made with the methods of treating it. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most successful technique available. Trained therapists will be the ones to administer the therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps in overcoming social anxiety by replacing negative thoughts with more pragmatic ones.

Alternatives to cognitive behavioral therapy include relaxation therapy, exposure therapy and breathing techniques. All methods of treatment can be done either in one on one sessions with a therapist, or in group sessions. There are also many available books and some self help audios and videos. You can choose from the many titles out there. You can also seek medication, such as antidepressants, for overcoming social anxiety. The point of the medication is to address possible chemical imbalances in the body. There are various medications available, and which ones are used will be decided by a doctor after a thorough medical examination. Medications don’t fully treat social anxiety disorder. Psychological therapies like Cognitive behavioral therapy are more effective since they deal with the cause of fear and they also don’t have side effects.

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