Often times those suffering from panic attack will do little to find the cause of the problem. They often have deep seated fears that overwhelm their sensibilities and they have learned the ways of coping with their problems rather than finding the root of the issue. Many times the panic and fear that has been suffered is sufficient to drive out all rational thought and leaves the sufferer at the whim of tumultuous emotions.


A person suffering from panic attacks may self medicate substance abuse and it is likely that they will not seek help for fear of being diagnosed with mental problems. People who suffer from panic attacks, will often suffer in silence for many years while they manage their lives through avoidance strategies and sheer determination. Ironically, because of their deep seated fear and the way that it intrudes upon their life, panic attack sufferers will sometimes find it difficult to direct their focus on anything but the fear that consumes them. This inability to focus on things other than their fear robs them of the very security that they so desperately need to begin their journey toward recovery.


The key for panic attack sufferers to getting assistance is to first establish a trust with them so that they feel safe. Since it is fear that is driving their lives, they must first feel that they are in a safe environment before they will open up and address the root cause of their panic. In some cases, this sense of trust will never be gained, because the panic sufferer may be surrounded by those who rebuke them for their problems or the sufferer is more inclined to”pull themselves up by their own bootstraps”rather than risk becoming vulnerable or reaching out for help.


Unfortunately, the problems endured by panic attack sufferers are exacerbated by societal strictures against seeking help for mental problems. After all, the mind is the seat of our consciousness and any thing that is perceived to be wrong with that seat opens the possibility that there is a inexplicable problem with the person themselves. In such situations, those who suffer panic attacks will make any excuse, and will cling to any hope, that their problem is not mental.

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