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Today, more than ever, people are searching for better suited treatments for their chronic anxieties. Current anxiety treatments span over from strong medications to homeopathic therapies, to special exercise routines. However, growing numbers of people are increasingly dissatisfied with the side-effects ridden mainstream medicines. A large part of the suffering population is now thronging towards alternative fields of therapies.

On Prescribing Medications

While changes may be underway, Benzodiazepines continue to remain the most commonly prescribed anxiety medications. Brand names such as Xanax/Zanex and Valium fall under this group. The most common and perhaps most feared side effect of this kind of anxiety treatment is that of becoming physically and psychologically dependent. Intake of this medication, builds up a gradual tolerance for it, and this in turn will lead to increase in the dosage to produce the same soothing effect as when you first started on it.

Another problem is that the sudden withdrawal from these drugs may itself create many more different side effects – none of which is beneficial to living an anxiety free life. Symptoms such as mental confusion, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, trembling, perspiring and ringing in the ears are all too frequent in people who have been taking benzodiazepines for a time and then stopped.

Because of the probability of people becoming hooked to this prescription, doctors are now being advised to only prescribe such medications for the shortest a period of time possible. In addition, physicians are only supposed to prescribe this for patients who have an anxiety disorder that can be classified as crippling and severe.

On Alternative Therapies

There are broad alternative options for anxiety treatment being currently pursued. Usually, patients find them to be quite effective. Some standard alternative anxiety treatment methods are acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal medicine. Each of these specified areas of alternative treatment employ a very varied approach to treating anxiety. And they are frequently used in combination with one another.

Some other techniques, people have felt to be useful include breathing work, relaxation training and meditation. One such practice that embraces the above mentioned methods is yoga. Experts often advocate yoga because there is such an extensive range of how-to instructional courses and material accessible that makes it easy for sufferers to help handle their anxieties by themselves.

Studies show that anxiety is the number one mental disorder in America, with 1 in 9 people suffering from it. Present anxiety treatment trends prove that these people tend to visit their family doctor for help instead of going to the psychiatrist. Moreover, if they are prescribed medicines and continue to take it for a duration of six months or more, they are less likely to relapse than if taken for fewer than six months.

Anxiety disorders are becoming more prevalent as time goes by. While the climbing statistics of these disorders can be frightening and disconcerting, the fact that many cure options and medicines are constantly improving and also becoming easily available is of some solace-in reality, modern day anxiety treatments are about 90% effective. On the other hand, only those who seek medical assistance for their condition can get the right treatment but unfortunately, only 1/3 of sufferers do so.


There are an increasing number of people who are throwing away their uncertainties and fears and seriously contemplating alternative anxiety treatment because of the side effects related to conventional drugs.

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