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It is a sad truth that many people these days suffer from anxiety. It’s not really certain why people are suffering from this condition but they are and you may be one of them. Often people who suffer from this do not look for anxiety treatments straight away to help them because they do not know that this is their problem. Often they can go through this for a long period and then they go to the doctors and find out they are actually having anxiety attacks.

Once they have been diagnosed with this the doctor will look for anxiety treatments that will suit them personally. Sadly this is most likely in the form of anti depressants. For many people this is a perfect solution. But for many others it is not the best solution. For one thing these anti depressants are drugs and not all people like to and can cope with this form of help.

If your doctor is good at his or her job he or she will look deeply into your life and try to help you work out what may be triggering these onsets. They then should consult with you with what may help you cope appropriately. If drugs will not suit you for whatever reason then look for other alternatives. Some of these may include meditation to help you relax when you feel an attack coming on. This is a very natural relaxing way of keeping yourself calm and controlling your breathing.

Obviously you may not always be in a position to go and meditate whenever you feel the need to but learning this art will help you in the long run to keep a healthy body and mind. It’s worth a try. Many people also choose to use alternative medicines instead of the usual prescribed drugs. Learning the signs of when an attack is coming on is also very helpful as you then can put some of these things into practice before it gets out of hand.

The old breathe into a paper bag trick can of course still be useful when you are finding you cannot breathe. Anything that works at the time is always helpful. But really you need to find out why this is happening and try to relieve some of the stresses in your life. This may lower the need for ongoing medication.

Remember that there are many anxiety treatments available out there and you need to find the best one to suit you. But also remember as I said before maybe your symptoms can be lowered if not cured if you change your lifestyle by living in a less stressful environment and learning relaxation techniques that can be used in your daily routine.

By: Susan Dean

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