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Are you suffering from anxiety or panic attacks? Surveys have shown that one in twenty people are suffering from serious neurosis or anxiety, and often worry about everyday issues to a point where it interferes with normal life.

You may be experiencing butterfly sensations in your stomach, headaches, sickness, palpitations or sleep problems etc.

These problems are often compounded by work related stress, noisy environment or relationship issues. Major events, even if they are pleasant, can compound the problem to a point where the anxiety becomes unbearable.

In the past, tranquilizers were often prescribed without much thought. However, today they are mostly prescribed for short durations to help with particularly stressful times.

Anxiety treatments that help you understand your anxiety and how to handle stress is more common today, like counseling, relaxation techniques, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy etc.

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If you suffer from anxiety you may also be suffering from panic disorders or panic attacks. A panic attack can often happen without warning if you’re unaware that you are particularly nervous or anxious.

A panic attack is a type of fear, in which you are basically fearing fear in itself. As opposed to a clear object of fear that occurs every time you are exposed to it, you will feel intense fear of things that are unknown. This type of fear is a type of internal, self-produced fear. It can include some of the following symptoms: unexpected, intense and sudden fear or anxiety, nausea or faintness, racing heart or palpitations, chest pain, excessive sweating, fingers tingle, eyesight is blurred, ears are ringing.

The symptoms can often be severe enough to be confused with heart attacks or dying. Such panic attacks can be very debilitating and scary, especially when they occur frequently. It is not uncommon to also develop depression.

You don’t have to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks! Aside from medicine, there are a number of drug free anxiety treatments available. According to research, drug free treatments for anxiety and panic attacks can be just as effective. But the sooner you act, the better your chances are of being able to return to a normal life without anxiety and panic.

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For more information please visit my blog Anxiety Treatment.

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