In earlier day an anxiety panic attack was seen as a dreadful situation. This is because none of the experts have come up with any sort of solutions for these attacks. The cure was still a mystery.

Today the scene is reversed completely. Several treatment options are available for this disorder. These treatments help the individual to lead a normal life without having to suffer from any sort of trauma. Several medications are available. Herbal treatments therapies and exercises have been discovered to help the patient cope up with this disorder.

Some of the most effective and clinically proven herbal remedies include Vaterian root, passion flower and Kava Kava extracts. These are known to be beneficial in decreasing the frequency as well as intensity of anxiety attacks. Herbal remedies are wonderful options for treating anxiety panic attacks. These are natural and work effectively to curb the symptoms as far as possible.

These are also many natural therapies available for treating anxiety panic attacks. Some of the doctors and therapies also claim that they can cure this disorder completely.

Hypnosis has also gained worldwide acceptance in treating anxiety panic attacks successfully. Patients who have gone through the process of hypnosis therapy have realized and said that they are completely free of anxiety panic attacks. The treatment is extremely beneficial for individuals suffering from this serious condition.

Here is a description of some other effective treatment options widely available for people with anxiety panic attacks:

a) Energy psychology

This is also known as ‘tapping’. It is a method of treatment that is based on applying pressure on or tapping acupuncture pressure points in a specific order. It is also used to treat many diseases related to anxiety disorder attack.

b) Desensitization

This treatment option is widely used to cure individuals suffering from phobias that have reached a stage of exposure to something that has to be feared. The root cause of anxiety is fear. This is the reason that the treatment option has worked for most people.

Experts feel that it is a temporary treatment option as the rate of relapse is very high. An individual treated via desensitization can easily develop new fear or even experience old ones coming back without any reason.

c) Cognitive behavior therapy

This therapy is known to be the most widely accepted, used and effective natural therapy or treatment for anxiety panic attacks. The cognitive behavior therapy changes the manner in which an individual tends to perceive anxiety attacks and the way he or she reacts to those attacks.

The treatment may not work for everyone. However, for those who have found it effective have actually been totally free of anxiety attacks for several years. The chance of relapse does exist but in a very low ratio.

d) Medication

Several medications are available to treat anxiety panic attack disorder. Most of these medications are effective and do not produce any significant side effects on the patients body or mind. Some of the most popular medications for anxiety panic disorder include Benzodiazepine, Serotonin Specific Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), Paxil and Buspar.

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