Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms: Pop Pills or Try Natural Methods?. Once a person has undergone the terror of anxiety panic attack symptoms, he or she is likely to be pretty frantic about finding some way to ward off or at least cope with any more panic attacks. Happily, there are quite a number of possible approaches available. But it can be hard to decide which of them fits you and your situation best.

There is a an ongoing debate about whether medications or natural cures for panic attacks are more successful in anxiety attack panic treatment. A goodly number of people use a combination of approaches. Others go totally with natural methods and don’t take any pills, while still others rely completely on taking meds.

While there are purists who rely totally on one or the other approach and won’t even entertain the idea of of using the one they don’t favor, I’m not such a single-minded person myself. I do, however, definitely feel that the natural approach is the better path. This is not just a matter of not liking to take pills, but more a case of considering what is more effective for learning to cope with anxiety panic attack symptoms. While medications can be useful in managing these symptoms, there are things they simply cannot do that natural cures for panic attacks do do.

Here are three good reasons to at least consider using natural methods to deal with anxiety.

1. Meds just fall short.

You know the symptoms, right? Shortness of breath, palpitations, perspiration, dizziness, trembling, detachment from reality, the fear of going crazy and of dying; just a few among others. Countless sufferers see medication as a godsend because it greatly reduces the frequency of panic attacks, limiting our experience with these symptoms. And this comes with a healthy dose of relaxation to boot.

People taking medications are often so relieved by the fact that the intervals between panic attacks are now longer that they lose sight of the fact that they still do happen.Medications are effective in providing temporary relief and some breathing room between attacks, but, all by themselves, they can’t do away with the underlying anxiety since they only act on the superficial level. They don’t get at the heart of the problem and cut out the fear brought on by the anxiety panic attack symptoms.

2. You can fight back.

A really good thing about the natural method for managing them is that you’re not just a helpless victim when you sense a panic attack setting in. When you take the meds you may have fewer attacks, but what happens when one does get through? Do you just sit through those waves of terror praying that, somehow, you’ll live through it?

When you start using natural methods to manage panic attacks, you will be better equipped to control them. While medications often decrease the frequency of attacks, natural coping techniques diminish the terror of going through them by giving you the wherewithal to ward them off. Over time, these attacks won’t be so fearsome and, gradually, won’t even trouble you at all.

3. The effects of natural methods persist.

The effects of medications last only as long as you keep taking them. When the bottle is empty or the side effects have become so unbearable that you quit taking them, you’re right back at square one, no better off than if you had never taken them. With natural cures for panic attacks, on the other hand, you’re on your way to removing them from your life completely. You learn how to ward them off permanently.

As I said before, I’m not the type to say there is only one approach to anxiety panic attack treatment that everybody should follow to the exclusion of the other. Medications do have their uses. But I much prefer making the future brighter rather than just getting by the present crisis and, since the natural approach to curing panic attacks offers the real possibility of a life free from anxiety panic attack symptoms, I’m sticking with it.

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