Symptoms may very from person to person. Each person will have there own unique set of symptoms. Many of these symptoms can be very similar. Panic attacks affect many people around the world and anxiety is a very common part of life for many. An anxiety panic attack symptom is unfortunately quite a normal part of life for some people in today’s stressful and busy world. Do you have panic attacks? Are you prone to anxiety or panic disorders? Can you recognize an anxiety panic attack symptom? In this brief article, I will outline some of those symptoms and also explore what a panic attack is and what causes it.

Many sources suggest that one out of every three Americans suffers from some sort of panic or anxiety disorder in some capacity. This number is steadily rising as the demands of life in this global economy become even more strenuous and harmful. Panic attacks are known as sudden surges of overwhelming emotions such as fear or heavy stress that comes without warning. These attacks affect an estimated 75 million people yearly worldwide.


An anxiety panic attack symptom can vary and can be very dangerous in and of itself. Not only are the symptoms harmful, but the outcome of having a full-on panic attack can be deadly. Talk to your medical professional about how to get help in dealing with your symptoms and your problem. It may involve therapy or medication or any combination of the two.

Some symptoms of a panic attack include a raging heartbeat, hot flashes or chills, choking, chest pains, sweating, trembling, shaking, difficulty breathing, sudden overwhelming fear, fear of sudden death or injury for no reason, anxiousness, fearfulness, general feelings of dread, dizziness, light-headedness, and any number of other similar symptoms.

Now, panic is known to bring about the fastest changes to the makeup of the human body of most afflictions. This is because a panic attack is so sudden and overtakes so many of the bodily systems that the body is often overwhelmed from the attack and may in fact just shut down. Panic attacks generally are masked as some other types of medical problems and this causes doctors and other medical professionals to be often unprepared and ill-equipped to properly diagnose chronic anxiety and panic attacks.

Seek Professional Help

An anxiety panic attack symptom, as discussed above, can vary and generally represents a variety of other afflictions. It is for this reason that it may be important to gather a variety of opinions on your health if you think you have or are experiencing frequent panic attacks. Many medical professionals incorrectly diagnose the panic attack as merely the symptom or the surface problem. It might take several visits to a physician to properly diagnose an anxiety or panic attack as a chronic problem. Don’t procrastinate contacting your doctor. The quicker you can have him consult with you and determine exactly what is going on, the quicker you can get help and relief from your symptoms.

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