A lot of teens, just like any adult, feel apprehensive from time to time as a ordinary reaction to stressors. Taking exams, meeting new people, speaking in public and competing in sports are just a few things that make us feel apprehensive. However, particular teens experience ruthless anxiety than others. Some people even feel severe anxiety by simply thinking about the situation that has yet to occur. When someone experiences episodes of panics or develops unreasonable worry over certain events and problems, it is acknowledged as anxiety attack.

When is anxiety too much?
Excess anxiety is when you feel worry, anxious and fearful for no apparent motive at all. Under common conditions, teens fret because of certain things , as mentioned previously. But there is an evident distinction between healthy anxiety and illogical anxiousness. Teens during an anxiety attack tend to react disproportionately over simple things or dealings that seem not to bring about any extreme anxious response to others. In other words, too much anxiety is an uncommon reaction over straightforward or minor things.

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Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety
Different people respond to situations differently. Hence, there are really no uniform symptoms of anxiety attack that are present to all. However, teens could show some or all of the following signs: dry mouth, fear of going crazy, headaches, stomach pain, heart burn, smothering sensation, sweating, numbness in the head and face and other body pains.Please take note that some of the mentioned signs and symptoms can be caused by other medical, psychological and physical conditionals. These conditions can also be the result of existing medical healing, side effects of particular medications or the body’s natural reaction to stressors.

Available remedies for anxiety
Difficult cases of anxiety attacks can require prescription drugs to limit or cut its symptoms. Prescription drugs might be antidepressants and benzodiazepines. Antidepressants could take several weeks to take effect so it is imperative to continuously take medications and not only during an attack. Benzodiazepines, on the other hand, have fast relief effects, usually within 30 minutes, but they are extremely addictive, as a result it should be used with vigilance. Bear in mind that medication must not be the first treatment option as there are other effective ways to prevent the effects of anxiety.

Thinking confidently and talking to a helpful individual can help stop the happening of anxiety attacks.

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